Old PC & Windows XP

  lukealexander 01:11 20 Nov 2004

...Hey that rhymes...but anyway!

I recently sold my laptop, and I'm looking for a replacement, so I brought an old PC from the loft to keep me connected for a while.

the most detailed spec I can give is:

Intel Celeron 450? (Overclocked to 503)
64Mb PC100 RAM
11Gb HDD

Thats the important stuff anyway...

Basically its running xp pro(sp1) and its **super** slow. It used to run 98SE, but i put xp on it for some reason and i dont want to have to put 98 back on it.
It is taking an inordinate amount of time to even switch between windows...which I assume is a RAM issue rather than processor. There is also a lot of HDD activity.
I have used some optimizers to help things out with the system adjusted for best performance and that has helped slightly.

Anyway...I was thinking of going getting 128Mb RAM for it at 22 quid and wondered if this would help anything or if id be better getting drunk :)

Thanks for your help

  Djohn 01:45 20 Nov 2004

The CPU will just about keep up with XP but the memory is the weakest point. 256 Mb or even 500 Mb is required to run XP at its best. anything less than 256 is going to struggle.
Hard drive activity is because of the very low memory in use at the moment and your files are constantly being switched back and forth to the drive instead of remaining in the RAM.

  lukealexander 02:11 20 Nov 2004

i had 256 on my old laptop and that occasionally slowed down...
I guess my point is..the RAM is the main bottleneck at the moment, if i upgrade to 196Mb..will it still be the main prob, or will it then be a CPU limited ceiling? Its only a temporary measure, im only using limewire, msnmsngr, internet explorer. thanks for ur feedback!

  lukealexander 02:34 20 Nov 2004

also, can i use PC133 instead of PC100, I assume its motherboard specific? How can I found out, and also, I'm assuming you cant mix the two...

  Giggle n' Bits 02:44 20 Nov 2004

click here erh best search at google for the correct link then from there page go to the Crucial Uk site.

I hear people say I only run this and that on my pc. Thing is there are many other programes running in the background.

I would look at cusotmising the Windows Installation by going into Windows Setup in Add/remove Progs. Does you HDD seem to stall in the middle of a task ? If it does I would say a HDD replacment is necesarry especially if its older than 2 years. But with any upgrading, you have to watch for compatibilty.

  Diemmess 09:39 20 Nov 2004

With the idea of make-do there is no cheaper way gaining enormous benefit, than to spend more on RAM.

Even 98 would benefit, while 2K or XP will work so much better without going further from the original spec.

Download Aide32 for some details of your RAM, It will at least show what sort, i.e. SDRAM or DDRAM

  gold 47 11:34 20 Nov 2004

Like you i have an old computer brought down from the loft HP Brio 410 256 ram doesn't like WXP much
but works fine with W2000 Pro.

  lukealexander 17:17 20 Nov 2004

thankyou for your help...looks like ill go and buy some more ram :-)

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