Old pc turns my router off

  chickenjools 12:11 05 Mar 2008

Help please, I'm having trouble with my spooky old PC (Son of Hal). I have 3 computers: a newish Mesh PC, an HP laptop and "Son of Hal", an old 750/1000 MHz Athlon based PC that had been relegated to word processing and Flight Sim 2000.
A few weeks ago I went over to Sky broadband and set it up on the Mesh with the Sagem router they supplied. All seemed to work ok and the HP found the wireless network I had set up.
Son of H has no ethernet port and I bought a Belkin wireless G PCI card and fitted it as per instructions. It worked - for a bit but was troublesome and I had to keep asking it to reconnect etc.
Now it is doing the most bizarre thing.
With the Mesh and / or the HP on and connected to the internet, if I boot up Hal, the router disconnects. The wireless bit seems OK , but I get a message saying *******@DSL Router requires a password.
Putting in the sky password does no good and what ever I do (repair connect etc) has no effect. As soon as I shut down Hal, the connection comes back without any further action.
I have even removed the card and software and there is no other connection other than the power to the mains.
How on earth can this be happening??

  ambra4 12:56 05 Mar 2008

What OS are the Pc's using

  chickenjools 13:13 05 Mar 2008

All are XP

  ambra4 17:20 05 Mar 2008

I need you to try this delete the present wireless profile on the Son of Hal computer and try to reconnect using the SSID and the security code that you set-up on router

Just right click on the profile and delete

“*******@DSL Router requires a password.”

This could be the security code that will allow access to the wireless router system

  chickenjools 21:54 05 Mar 2008

The message i get is on the mesh or laptop when i try to connect them to the internet when Hal is running. I had deleted all connections and removed the card (physically) from Hal.

  woodchip 22:19 05 Mar 2008

When setting any computer up, mostley Wireless I have found that turning the Router off over night get's it going when switched back on. Cannot say if it will work for you. Have you used the PCI ethernet card while connected to another isp or modem?

  chickenjools 23:02 05 Mar 2008

Took the whole damn thing down the garden shed and switched it back on. It had no effect on the internet connection on the other 2 .
So, Hal is somehow affecting the DSL router even though I have removed the wireless card from it AND unloaded the software AND deleted the connections BUT..... only if it is in the same room. If I take it down the shed it has no effect. So either it is doing something through the mains (I understand you can have a network that connects by using the mains ?) or there is a secret transmitter inside Son of Hal....

  ambra4 01:01 06 Mar 2008

Lets forget Internet connect for now I don’t thing you need to go as far as the shed

Are you powering hal from the same power strip or a difference electrical outlet?

When you say router disconnect; lost of wireless signal to the other computers and are the other computer all wireless

It looks like the power supply unit in hal is cause interference to the wireless signal

Connect hal and boot up in a difference room if no problem install wireless card and see if hal connect to the router

  ambra4 01:08 06 Mar 2008

Or it could be the monitor that is causing the interference

Power up hal with out the monitor powered up and see what happen

  chickenjools 10:29 06 Mar 2008

Thanks ambra. It was in the same room but 10 metres away plugged into a different socket.

The ADSL router is connected to the Mesh PC via an ethernet cable. The laptop has an inbuilt wireless card and reports the connection to the wireless network as being fine.

I can't understand why the mesh PC which is connected directly via a cable to the router and then to the ADSL line, loses it's internet connection.

I did as you suggested and installed the card ( still in the shed) but now windows won't boot up.

As there are no important files stored on Hal, I am thinking of reloading windows.

Thanks for your help.

  wee eddie 13:14 06 Mar 2008

Why is it connected to the Router and the ADSL line? Surely, just the Router would be sufficient?

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