Old PC, is it worth loading XP on??

  ShorN 19:34 20 Feb 2006

I have an old Dell PC, (700 PIII, 256mb ram) and 15gb hd which i got free from a mate.

I am going to give this to my mum to get her on the net but was wondering about the OS.

It currently has XP loaded on it, but i dont know whether to keep XP on it or revert back to 2000 (which it is designed for according to the sticker on the front) I have tested it out quickly and although it takes a while to boot up, it doesnt seem to struggle too much.

All the PC will ever be used for is linking up to an ipod and surfing the net, nothing else, so does it matter that its got XP on and would there be any significant benefits in reverting back?


  Cuddles 19:40 20 Feb 2006

"If it aint broke dont fix it" leave it as it is.

  mattyc_92 19:41 20 Feb 2006

That spec should be ok...

I have installed XP on a 200Mhz P2 32meg RAM system before (for testing printers at my old job)
It took almost 10 minutes to load into the Windows interface and about 4hours to install

  wobblymike 19:42 20 Feb 2006

agreed a 700MHz processor is plenty fast enough for XP and all normal computing activity

  SG Atlantis® 19:44 20 Feb 2006

Leave it as it is, can you stick another 256 RAM in there? That's all I'd suggest, other than that it'll do as it is.

  ShorN 19:48 20 Feb 2006

thanks for the quick responses.
I think ill do just that then and leave it as it is.
It will support 512mb ram i think so ill look into that as a possible upgrade!


  phil46 20:31 20 Feb 2006

Windows XP Windows 2000 work well on a 7 year old brio but on install press F5 to set your computer otherwise if you don't you will end up with ACPI errors after that Windows will install as normal.

  ShorN 20:38 20 Feb 2006

also I have just noticed that the pcs HD is FAT32, does this make a difference as im sure XP is meant to work better with NTFS.

(sorry phil46 can you clarify what you mean above) thanks!

  mattyc_92 20:47 20 Feb 2006

You can change the System Format to NTFS using a progra such as "Partition Magic".
If you are going to format the system, you can change the System Format during setup

  ShorN 20:53 20 Feb 2006

thanks, but would it benefit from being NTFS?

  phil46 00:16 21 Feb 2006

NTFS is the better file system for NT operating systems but if you prefer FAT32 then keep using it XP and W2000 will work on it but a little slower on an old computer you wouldn't notice.

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