Old PC death

  loquito 11:12 05 Aug 2005

My 7 years old PC stop functioning after a home power cut while working in the PC. Will a new power suply solve the problem? or it something more serious.

The present PC power suply is 230 Watts Max.

Help much appreciated.


  woodchip 11:16 05 Aug 2005

It may do. But you may have a Problem getting a PSU. Unless you got to a Computer Fair. As I suspect it will be a AT Power Supply. To find out, tack the side of the computer and check the multi wired plugs or plug connected to the Motherboard. If it's just one Plug it is a ATX if it's two plugs side by side it is a AT system

  loquito 11:38 05 Aug 2005


There is only one plug (20 multicolour wire)to the motherboard. It is, therefore, an ATX. What do I do now. Can I order the Power Supply without the need of going to a fair?

Where can I order one? Can I order a Power Supply with a higher wattage?



  DieSse 12:25 05 Aug 2005

Yers - a higher wattage one will be just fine - For your system you'll probably find lots of inexpensive 300W ones.

  DieSse 12:31 05 Aug 2005

Yes - a higher wattage one will be just fine - For your system you'll probably find lots of inexpensive 300W ones.

  Batch 12:48 05 Aug 2005

There's no g'tee that a new PSU will resolve. Some other components may have blown. By the way have you check all the fuses (in the plug and any on inside the PC - it might be something as simple as that).

Alternatively, if you want to keep costs down, why not buy just a new system unit. ebuyer (click here) have an Acer one (incl keyboard, mouse, speakers)at £210 incl. VAT. Use their quickfind code 86864. It'll be a massive improvement on your 7 y.o. PC whatever it is.

Or even one (quickfind 89079) at £170 incl. VAT. But this comes with Mandrake (Linux), not WinXP.

  loquito 13:51 05 Aug 2005

Good points!

Let's me think a bit and I will come back with a decision. I will check first the fuses, prices of psu, and system units.

Thank a lot for the comments.


  Belatucadrus 14:42 05 Aug 2005

ebuyer will do you a new 300W PSU for £4.80 plus carriage. But as has already been stated, no guarantees as we can't tell what else got fried by the power cut. Some of the new system deals are well worth a look click here

  Klof Ron 14:57 05 Aug 2005

Try removing your modem to see if you can boot, sometimes a power surge down the phone line blows the modem and this stops the system from booting.

  loquito 15:21 05 Aug 2005


I opened the case, check the psu, and took the hard drive out with the intention to save it so I could used it in another PC (new or build). I connected the main (same wire that yesterday) and the PC started to light again on the floor and pieces everywhere.

I don't know what happen. I am now sending this email from my old PC.

Sorry for your time, however all your comments are valuable for me and perhaps I will buy a new one or build it.

Thank again.

  wee eddie 15:52 05 Aug 2005

Once upon a time, it was common advice to slave ones old HDD to the new in the new PC. Sometimes this invalidated the warranty but it was an effective way of retaining all ones old information.

Lately, the easiest way appears to be the purchase of a Caddy with USB2 and or Firewire connections, put the old HDD into that and then plug it into your new PC.

I am sure that it is not quite as simple as that but it does not involve fiddling with the interior of a brand new system.

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