Old and New Rebuild

  BaboonBoy22 12:11 02 Jan 2009

I've only ever built from new before, so I would just like to check before the build. I've got a new mobo, cpu and another graphics card for a crossfire setup. Is it going to be a simple plug everything in and go? (I'm using all my old HDD's) I'm assuming I'm going to have to do some tweaking in the BIOS, but by doing this is it going to mess anything up on the HDDs?

Any help would be great.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:39 02 Jan 2009

No need to touch the BIOS as far as HDDS are concerned it should auto detect the drives.
(I'm using all my old HDD's)

The drivers on your op system will be wrong for your new equipment.
It may not boot at all!
Drivers to disable BEFORE changing motherboard
click here
Then run the mother board CD to install the new drivers.

  ambra4 12:41 02 Jan 2009

“By doing this is it going to mess anything up on the HDDs?”

Yes, Windows is looking for the old CPU, motherboard and display card drivers, on the hard

drive and the system will not boot up

You would have to do a whole new reinstall of the OS on the old hard drive as the CPU,

motherboard, and display card drivers are difference than the first motherboard

The simple way is to get a new hard drive and install the old drive as a slave drive this way you

would lose any data

  BaboonBoy22 12:56 02 Jan 2009

Yea I was thinking I would have to do a complete rebuild. I'm just going to back up my drives and then format them. Then it will just be the same as any build then???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:00 02 Jan 2009


  BaboonBoy22 13:01 02 Jan 2009

Thanks for your help guys ;o)

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