Old and new hard drives don't recognized.

  nerawan 14:55 05 Apr 2006

Hi. I got a new problem. Tried to install a new 80 gygas (hitachi) hard drive to replace the 10 gygas Maxtor in a Dell pentium III desktop.

First when I installed the new hard drive ,it wasn't recognized when pc booted, neither the bios and disk manager (when I run it from dvd-rom).

Then I re-installed again the old hard drive and now, it,s not recognized as well.

I changed poer connector and ribbon from DVD and it works (only dvd) but not the hard drive.

Any idea where the problem coul be?.I run XP.

  jack 17:39 05 Apr 2006

Broadly speaking - Dell machines are made in such a way that they are not to be messed with in swapping major components around.
Try contact Dell by E-mail on the machine you are using and ask what to do next.

  DieSse 17:49 05 Apr 2006

Maybe you disturbed the end of the IDE cable that goes to the motherboard. Take it right off and refit it to ensure good connections.

You MUST remove the power cable, or switch off at the mains or the back of the PSU before connecting/disconnecting in the tower - just switching off from the front is not enough, as it still leaves power on the motherboard, and components may be damaged.

It's possible your new drive may be too large a capacity for the motherboard to recognise - there may be a 32GB limit. If there is there are ways around it, as long as yu can get the present problem sorted.

  nerawan 21:13 06 Apr 2006

Hi. I just came back.

I bought this pc 5 weeks ago from a shop in Toth...court road. The warranty was for 3 weeks.

I already changed all the cables and refitted them as I say b4. Changing them, the dvd works but none of the 2 hard drives.

As for the capacity, I have been using Disk Manager, wich I got 2 years ago when I changed a hard drive in an old laptop(from 3 to 40 gygas). But in this case Disk manager says there is not hard drive attached. I don't really know what happens.

  DieSse 23:48 06 Apr 2006

Some versions of Disk Manager only work with the specific make of drive they were supplied with - in which case it may not recognise another make of drive.

When using your original drive, are you sure you put it back exactly as it was originally.

If you've got everything back correctly, and haven't changed any jumpers, and have put the cables back in the right place, with the correct orientaion - then I suppose you might have (inadvertently) damaged the old drive - otherwise it would be detected.

Does the BIOS detect the 10GB drive? - You haven't accidentally messed it up with Disk manager? - Doe s DM detect the drive? - Does the drive manufacturers diagnostic detect the drive? - Does the drive work in another system only try it as a slave?

Have you set the drive to Cable Select, and replaced the IDE cable with a 40-wire cable?

You could try resetting the CMOS to it's default settings - but otherwise you've either made a mistake, or the drive is kaput I would suspect.

  nerawan 08:04 07 Apr 2006

When i bought Disk manager they didn't asked any questions. It has worked with diff drives without any problem.

I have changed the cables many times and the thing is the DVD-Rom works but not the 2 hard drives. So that is very extrange that none of them get recognized.

When booting the pc and the bios don't recognized them. Say hard drive not installed.

  nerawan 08:09 07 Apr 2006

I have another pc. I will try with that but it will be until next monday.

  DieSse 08:24 07 Apr 2006

*When i bought Disk manager they didn't asked any questions. It has worked with diff drives without any problem.*

If you bought it there isn't a problem - there's many free versions that came with particular drives that do have such problmes.

Just check that the BIOS settings for the drives are still set to Auto.

Otherwise you should wat until you test them on another system - then you'll know for sure where the problem lies.

  nerawan 18:29 10 Apr 2006

Today I tested the hard drives. It looks it's a problem with them.I tested the new hard drive in another pc (compaq) and it wasn't recognized.I couldn't test the old one because I can't removed it. But I tested the hard drive from the compaq in the Dell pc and it was recognized by the bios and disk manager although windows didn't start.

I bought this hard drive (hitachi) in the pc fair(tot...court road) that opens on saturdays only so I will have to wait. Also I want to point the original dell hard drive is Maxtor, so I will try to get one of those .

I have read that some times some hard drives with windows installed don't work in a different brand of p.c. Is that right?. and why?

  woodchip 18:49 10 Apr 2006

Have you set the Drive Jumper to Master, Also check the BIOS for a Auto Detect page for Drives. If need be try a new Ribbon cable on the drive

  DieSse 20:57 10 Apr 2006

*I have read that some times some hard drives with windows installed don't work in a different brand of p.c. Is that right?. and why?*

There are a couple of issues

Sometimes the drive is too high a capacity for another syste to recognise. This tends to be with newer higher capacity drives and older systems, of course.

When windows is installed, it's "personalised" for the system - notably for the motherboard and graphics cards, which vary a lot from one system to another. In this case Wndows tends to start and then close down right away - this problem can be solved if you're forced into taking this action - if say your motherboard goes faulty.

When Windows XP is installed it also "knows" exactly which system it has been authorised to be on (it checks various things in the system, and stores them internally). If it finds itsef on another system, it will declare it's unauthorised for the new system, and ask to be re-authorised. This is to protect against piracy of itself.

These last two things won't normally stop the drive working as a slave, or second drive, when Windows is already on the main drive.

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