Old motherboard drivers needed for win98

  Totally-braindead 19:35 04 Sep 2007

Just got this old computer and have reinstalled Win98 SE on it but have no sound and have onboard standard VGA graphics adaptor as I don't have the drivers and am having severe problems finding them.
Its an old Patriot PC ModelFK500/1 now I've managed to find out the following. Its a PAG 2130 motherboard PCB 1.x which was made by FIC and is a VIA Apollo MVP4 chipset. The Northbridge is marked VT8501.

Now I've tried VIA and have various drivers off them but god only knows which ones I am meant to use, I think I might have to go through them all. But even once I do this, and I have no idea if I have right motherboard drivers or not, I still think I will have no sound and I am certain I haven't the video drivers, there seems to be some mention of Trident so I think that might be what I need. The FIC website gives drivers for the PAG 2130 but the problem is theres 5 different makes of video drivers and none of them are Trident ones, so how do I know which ones to install. Tried the manual which I downloaded and its as much use as a chocolate fireguard as it mentions nothing about drivers at all.

I'm lost and if anyone can point me in the direction of the relevant drivers for this board I would be grateful.

Nearly forgot also needing a modem driver for a C1701 modem made by PC TEL also for win98se.

I have tried the driver sites such as driversguide.com and a couple of others and they do not appear to have them.

Anyone help or have any suggestions, other than chucking it out of the window of course which after 5 hours I'm about ready to do. Why do people have to through away the disks? Drives you mad.

  T0SH 19:48 04 Sep 2007

Try this in Google ?
click here=

Cheers HC

  ambra4 19:49 04 Sep 2007

Check out these sites

Audio and video drivers

click here

Motherboard driver

click here

  recap 19:50 04 Sep 2007

If you click here and register you may find what you are looking for?

  alan2273 19:56 04 Sep 2007

Try this program, it will tell you all about your motherboard and where to go for drivers.

click here

  Totally-braindead 20:11 04 Sep 2007

Never thought of trying Everest. I'll give that a go.
Tried driverguide already and they are not there.
Done google searches and found loads of stuff but have no idea if any of the drivers are the right ones as the motherboard is not listed in any of them.
And I'm afraid ambra4 I've been there and the trouble is there are 16 different video drivers listed and the other link to FIC gives me 5 audio drivers, and a load of video drivers and none mention Trident.
I assume the board has Trident I don't really know its just from all the looking about for the past few hours its been mentioned on a few threads.
I wish it could be as simple as the drivers for a newer board, they are listed and theres no choice the ones you see are the ones you need.

4 in one drivers?
click here

  ambra4 20:53 04 Sep 2007


Don,t know where you when too

But All drivers for PAG-2130 motherboard listed here

click here

  Strawballs 22:19 04 Sep 2007

I find everest very useful as it normally gives a link to the page needed.

  Totally-braindead 12:24 05 Sep 2007

Thats where I went ambra4 and if you look theres 4 drivers for the sound, 6 for the graphics, 2 or 3 for the IDE bus etc etc.
Thats why I'm confused, why so many different drivers, the can't all be for the board I have?
I've been trying these drivers and the PC is well mucked up so I'll have to blank it and start again I suppose. If I have to work through all the possible permutations this will take months!

Anyone had any luck getting a driver for the modem C1701 modem made by PC TEL also for win98se as I have had bother with that too, tried all the built in standard drivers supplied with win98se and none of them work.

  lotvic 13:22 05 Sep 2007

bookmarked for reference

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