Old Monitor cable

  taffyal 17:24 04 Feb 2005

I keep an old PC for back up, & the monitor packed up! I've been given an old monitor, AST Vision 4i, that has no cable. My broken monitor had a built in cable, with 13 pins in a 15 pin plug, that would fit into my modern PC. My problem is the replacement monitor has a socket with 2 rows totalling 9 pins. Will I be able to buy a standard cable for it, please? Thanks, Al.

  pj123 17:43 04 Feb 2005

No, the monitor you have there is a CGA monitor.

Most monitors are now VGA.

  taffyal 18:00 04 Feb 2005

Another clever plan bites the dust!!Its down to the tip for me, the PC isnt worth the price of a new monitor. cheers pj123. Al.

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