Old Laptops

  six-h 22:10 25 Feb 2009

I've recently been on the lookout for old laptops, and would appreciate some advice.

I would like to surprise my brother in law with his own machine.
He's finding the trek to the library too much these days,
It would need to be Win XP capable, for him to surf the net and keep in touch with family and friends.

The other machine would be for me to indulge my own wish to try out Ubuntu Linux without upsetting my main PC.

I've been offered three old machines, all Pentium P3's, with between 64 and 128MB RAM.
One is said to be working and has an old battery which I understand holds "some" charge, but none come with a power adaptor which I would need to buy (or otherwise obtain!).
They have been offered to me at £30.
Whilst this is not much money, I have a miniscule budget for these projects, and could ill afford to squander it!
I had hoped to get something a little more recent, especially for my brother in law but cannot afford "commercial" prices.
Your advice please!

  MAJ 22:16 25 Feb 2009

What's your maximum budget, six-h?

  six-h 22:34 25 Feb 2009

How long's a piece of string!!
It really depends on what's on offer.
Even then, I suspect it would be derisory!

Primary concern is the Bro in law, his need is greater than my fiddling with linux, so I suppose for a respectable XP machine with it's bits..£60ish.

I'm probably expecting too much, but I was just hoping to get lucky, and help him out.
I've a feeling that the machines I've been offered wouldn't fit the bill for his needs though.

  MAJ 22:43 25 Feb 2009

Well the Unbuntu thing is easy enough, six-h, just run it from a live CD rather than installing it. click here

The laptop you mention that holds some charge might run XP if it's processor is 800MHz or above and you add some memory. What are the specs of that laptop?

  six-h 23:09 25 Feb 2009

I don't have any more information on the offered laptops, they were just mentioned in conversation, and as far as the guy knew, they were all P3 CPU's, and had as he recalled, two mem slots each capable of "seeing" certainly,64 and maybe, if you're lucky 128MB of RAM.
So if I'm lucky, lucky, lucky! I might get up to a heady 256MB but that's unlikely. lol

As far as Ubuntu goes, I certainly wouldn't want to use it experimentally on my precious baby!!
Though, yes, I could run it from a "LiveCD", if one of these lappies has a CD rom drive.
Would that be preferable to installing it to the HDD?

  woodchip 23:46 25 Feb 2009

You are not going to get anything at £60ish for a Laptop, You may buy a old desktop for that. Your best place to check for secondhand Laptops is a Computer Fair near you, where you can see it working

click here

I use this one click here

  six-h 00:19 26 Feb 2009

Yes, that sounds about right!
Just hoping that I could get lucky on behalf of my Bro in law, but at commercial rates he can go whistle!!

I'm a bit annoyed with myself really.
For weeks I have intended asking at the college where I'm involved with the PC Literacy classes but didn't want to be a pest.
Finally decided to enquire on Tuesday (the first day back after half term) only to be told that they had "cleared out the server room" during the break, scrapping several fairly recent (maybe three year old) Acer units that were all complete and serviceable! Grrr.

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