old laptop and windows 7 - plugged in, not charging+warning message?

  theDarkness 00:03 21 Apr 2013

I believe my issue of windows 7 giving a warning of 'plugged in-not charging-consider replacing your battery' is quite common on some laptops with old chipsets, and I dont think there is a real solution if its no longer supported. The laptop battery is fine, as I know it works with xp and vista. I have the latest drivers installed.

After installation of 7, the battery on this old 2006 laptop did not state it was charging (charge light remained off). On screen, plugged in to the mains, it is stuck at '90%, not charging'. After accidentally putting the laptop into sleep mode after a full windows update however, it suddenly started charging back to 100%, and the power light did then switch on and charge back to 100%.

What I am wondering about is for other laptops that are current and fully compatible with 7, is if they constantly charge if plugged in to the mains or not-or only charge when down to a certain percentage?

After a normal reboot of this system today I am testing 7 on (runs pretty well), the power light did come on and it did charge to 100%, but after a restart much later on the power is now at 91%, and the system is not charging. Sleep mode does not make a difference, so that is why I am asking the question above. If it should always charge, I want to try and work out why it started to charge on my system, when it wasnt before. The screen at least always lights up brightly when I connect the power cable to the system, so should work as long as it remains plugged in. Thanks.

  theDarkness 01:16 21 Apr 2013

update-after leaving the system on without the mains cable, it thankfully seems to be charging again after a reconnection. I am hoping that I wont have to keep removing this cable to recharge, and that 7 will only charge the battery after a set amount of power loss. I thought vista always used to charge the battery when it was less than 100%, so unless they do work with the battery differently, perhaps the permanent warning message I now see in 7 has just made me unsure of how and when the battery used to work.

  theDarkness 01:50 21 Apr 2013

ps (last post) the battery has been replaced a couple of times-the first official one died after around 5 yrs. The replacement in it now is less than 2. I should probably consider that there is a fair chance that the message to 'consider replacing' is a genuine one if its overall quality isnt as great as I believed it should be. A cheap ebay second battery. I think the first died after simply taking too long to charge, I cant be sure-but I dont want to chance any immediate switch offs in the near future with this one as a result of accidentally removing the cable from the system whilst switched on .... :]

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:20 21 Apr 2013

Have you seen here W7 power managemet options?

  theDarkness 15:51 22 Apr 2013

thanks-i have, but it doesnt seem to state if 7 handles recharging any different to vista. Perhaps they are identical and the warning message led me to believe they may be different.

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