'Old' laptop?

  Fateful Shadow 11:41 22 Nov 2004

I bought my laptop about a year and a half ago, possibly longer, and I installed a game demo on there...Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (the specs. can be found here: click here )

When I installed it, it set the game's graphic level to the lowest possible setting. According to the specs., my computer should meet the requirements, so I increased the levels a bit....only to have the game running that slow it took my about 5 minutes to get out of it, whereas it should take about 10 seconds!

I've defraged my laptop and 'cleaned it up,' yet the game will only run (and sometimes very slowly) when the graphics are set to 'Low.'

Here are a few comparisions:

Memory req. = 384MB ---- My memory. = 512MB
Graphics memory req. = 64MB ---- My graphics memory = 64MB
Processor req. = Pentium 4 1.2GHz ---- My processor = Celeron 1.6GHz

Any ideas on what I can do?

Thanks :)

  PA28 12:13 22 Nov 2004

System Requirements shown on game boxes are eternally optimistic - I am looking at a copy of FS2004 which boldly states that I need a 450mhz processor and 8mb of graphics memory. Now FS2004 is a brilliant simulator, but not on a machine with those specs - it would be truly dire. I run on 3.2Mhz with 128mb of graphics and it can still stutter with its' frame rates on occasion! Forget the specs on the box - they are minimum. Laptops are not known for their graphics ability.

What can you try? Make sure that you've got the latest driver installed for your graphics card. That's about it for a laptop without spending serious money which would be better spent on a new machine. Don't expect miracles.

  PA28 12:17 22 Nov 2004

The other thing you could try is to stop all other programs that you have running in the background. Depending on your operating system there are various ways of doing this. All you need running are the program itself, drivers, and the barest essentials (Systray, Explorer, etc) to keep the system going. Disable all background tasks apart from these so your processor can devote all its' attention to Rollercoaster.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:33 22 Nov 2004

Do you have shared graphics? That could be the problem...

  Fateful Shadow 17:49 22 Nov 2004

Thanks for the replies so far....and yes I do have shared graphics.

What could be the problem?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:58 22 Nov 2004

The problem being that shared graphics are never as powerful as a dedicated card.

  PA28 20:56 22 Nov 2004

And don't forget that a Celeron is not equivalent to a Pentium 4 - speed comparisons are not strictly valid with the Celeron being a cut down version.

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