Old Jaz Drive

  Matt.tt 16:37 07 Mar 2007

Ok, yer I know jaz drives are old now and pretty rubish, But I aquired one a while ago from a friend (I can't remember who though!) I stuck it in a box, until the other day when i was looking for something to do, so i though i'd take a quick look at it. I opened up the computer and installed a SCUZI (or howerver you pronounce it) adaptor and then the actual drive itself. Windows recigonised this as it already had a zip drive connected to it. When I click on it in My Computer, "It says please insert disk in drive G:". (At this point before I click on it, I have put a disk into it.)

Any help would be much appreated.

  Diemmess 17:03 07 Mar 2007

Yonks ago the Jaz (1Gb) disks were about £70 each and in consumer terms they fell between the smaller, cheaper Zip drive's capacity and the very rapidly improving HD.

If you have Jaz disks as well as the drive then treat them just like any other removable drive.

SCSI is a law unto itself, but provided you plug the right things into the correct places the computer will recognise everything during boot-up.

A critical point is to fit a terminator to the end of the SCSI connecting cable. I didn't realise how important that is.

The SCSI cable should plug into the host card, then the Jaz Drive, and there should be another plug at the end of the cable for termination.

Win 98 or the Jaz drive fell over with horrific regularity every time I plugged a SCSI scanner in, until I learned to fit the magic terminator.

  Matt.tt 17:15 07 Mar 2007

Ok, thanks, diemmess, Yeah i know their really old, and fairly rubbsih (lol).
Ok, i think thats the problem, the terminator thinggy. I don't really know what one is, so prehaps i'll just rip the thing back out my pc, and invest in another hd drive. (While i'm on this subject, does anyone know which is cheaper or the space on it internal or external?)

Thanks :)

  Diemmess 17:40 07 Mar 2007

No Jaz drives were never rubbish and Omega were first class at customer support, but they were dinosaurs after the age of reptiles.

Internal HD is cheapest, but not necessarily best.
It depends on what you are going to use it for.

In either case you choose what size (capacity) you want and then either fit in to your PC box, or buy a USB case with power supply and fit it in that.

As long as it matches the type of H drive you already have, and you are running XP there should be no problem.

  Matt.tt 19:10 09 Mar 2007

Ok. Thanks Diemmess, I am not about to rip the thing back out my pc and investigate into a HDD. Unfortunately, the computer i was using it on is an ancient pc, but running win 2000 pro.

I need the drive for backing up, so i think prob the best option would be to buy an external HDD?

p.s sorry for slow response, I have been away from the pc.

  Diemmess 09:27 10 Mar 2007

Good luck with the Jaz.

I ran it with W98 as OS.
If you have W2000 running properly there will be no driver problems.

During boot up there will be a SCSI window saying something like a Jaz drive connected but not available i.e. until you slip a Jaz disk into place.

Windows will treat it as a removable disk.

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