Old Iomega 250 zip (parallel port) version help

  Brumas 22:35 08 May 2006

I have recently 'un-earthed' my old iomega zip-drive, the 250 parallel port version, along with a few disks in the course of having a clear up of the bottom drawer of my computer desk and I am curious as to what may be on them.

The problem is that my new computer does not have a parallel port - only USB ones. Is there a solution or shall I be forever wondering in vain as to what, if anything useful may be on them?

I contacted Iomega and their solution of course was to buy a 250 USB version !!! Not being made of money I declined as I didn't think 'the light was worth the candle'

Any ideas?


  Longhouse 22:44 08 May 2006

This should do what you need

click here

but you may be able to find something similar for less with a bit of searching.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:45 08 May 2006

Find a pc that still has a parallel port - they are not that scarce yet. Maybe a friend has one.

  Longhouse 22:59 08 May 2006

I think that Diodorus Siculus has me trumped there - that would be free!

I'm sat here surrounded by PCs with parallel port and I never thought of the "simple" solution - makes me feel a bit stupid.

  Brumas 23:33 08 May 2006

Thanks for the speedy responses. I think I will go for the gadget as I have seen a cheapish one advertised on good-old Ebay and I like the fact that, should I want to do a repeat performance I will have the means to do it again easily.

Thanks again


  Diodorus Siculus 07:45 09 May 2006

LEt us know if it works - I had a mixed response with these on parallel printers.

  Audeal 11:26 09 May 2006

Brumas: I bought one of these cables a few weeks ago for my Zip 100 and It did not work.

I would suggest you go for the other computer to check your discs and save your money.

  harfy 12:00 09 May 2006

It is cheaper to get an external hard disc (USB)

  Brumas 22:17 09 May 2006

Reading the latest posts has changed my mind, I think I shall now access another computer with a parallel port just to see what, if anything was on the disks. Then I shall take the old zip drive to the charity shop as I really have no use for it now(the reason it was shoved into the drawer in the first place!)

Thanks to each and all


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