old house, wireless won't go through the 3 foot walls

  rela 20:41 17 Mar 2013

Hi Can you put two routers on the same telephone line? The wireless works but only in one room and the hallway due to the old stone walls. Ideally I would like to add a router to the telephone jack in the kitchen which would give better access to the wireless. Is this possible? Thanks

  lotvic 20:54 17 Mar 2013

"two routers on the same telephone line?" No you can't do that but what you can do is use HomePlugs, you just plug them into your electric sockets and they use the house wiring. I use TP-Link Here's the Product Range you can shop around for best price, Amazon etc.

  rela 20:58 17 Mar 2013

Thank you, They look to be the ideal solution.

  lotvic 21:05 17 Mar 2013

They are, but make sure you know which will be best for you and how to use them. If you want advice, ask on here and someone will help with info.

I just have 3 of the 200Mbps ones and plug my ethernet cable into them. The router's ethernet cable goes in the first one and the other two are 'portable' I can take them round different rooms with me and plug into any nearby electric socket.

You may want a faster (than 200Mbps) and more sophisticated set up :)

  lotvic 22:09 17 Mar 2013

Useful info link on various TP-Link combinations posted by member Fruit Bat /\0/\ on a different thread

  Batch 08:55 18 Mar 2013

Best price i've seen for a "starter pack" for WiFi Powerline is on Richer sounds at £59.99. See http://www.richersounds.com/product/wireless-streaming/tp-link/tl-wpa271/tpli-tl-wpa271-kit

Being a "twin pack" this consists of two modules. One that connects to your router (and plugs into a nearby powerpoint) and one that is plugged in elsewhere in your property to provide another WiFi access point.

Note that many of the other TL-WPA271 packs on sale are for the WiFi modules only (i.e. they are an add-on to an existing Powerline set-up_.

  onthelimit1 09:15 18 Mar 2013

That looks like a pretty good price as delivery is free.

  wee eddie 11:19 18 Mar 2013

A pair of these did the biz for me Pass through Homeplug

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