Old HD in New PC

  griffo 11:08 21 Oct 2008

I have just ordered a new PC (having been unable to solve recycling problems on old PC) and was told that I could do one of two things:-

1. put my old HD into the new machine as the C drive - set the new drive as slave and then copy everything across to the new drive, then switch them round (still with me?). or

2. use my existing copy of XP Pro and if I get an illegal copy message, call microsoft and explain that old machine is dead, using in new machine (same as upgrading motherboard/cpu).

Of the two options, I prefer 1. as this would save me re-installing all my software. Will it work?

If so, what procedure(s) should I adopt and what should I watch out for? Would really appreciate help in getting this right, as it would save me loads of time.

  ambra4 11:17 21 Oct 2008

“Put my old HD into the new machine as the C drive - set the new drive as slave and then copy everything across to the new drive, then switch them round (still with me?”

Not possible the computer will not boot up difference motherboard and hardware

You have to install the old drive as the slave drive leaving the new drive as the Master C drive and copy the files that you want to save

  canarieslover 11:22 21 Oct 2008

You will almost certainly have conflicts with motherboard drivers which will still be your old ones. You may survive long enough in safe mode to be able to uninstall the old and install the new. It's really a question of try it and see. I have had it work in the past but I have also had it fail on more than one occasion.

  ambra4 11:24 21 Oct 2008

How to add a slave drive

click here

  Jak_1 11:25 21 Oct 2008

Putting your old C drive into a new computer as the boot drive is unlikely to work as it will not have the new motherboard drivers on it. What I would be inclined to do is install your copy of XP on the new drive, assuming it's a legit copy then when asked for activation, ring microsoft on their freephone number for an activation code explaining what you have done and that the os will only be on the one computer. Then slave your old hdd to the new one, as long as they are both the samy type ie EIDE. If the new one is SATA and the old one is EIDE then use a USB enclosure box to access your data on the old drive.

  chub_tor 12:28 21 Oct 2008

Are you sure that your new PC is coming without an operating system installed on the new hard drive?

  griffo 12:35 21 Oct 2008

thanks for the replies so far. Yes the new PC will be without an OS.

I understand the issues with MB drivers but surely this is not much different to upgrading a MB/cpu and that works?

  canarieslover 12:47 21 Oct 2008

Try it and see. If it works you are on a winner, if not then go to Plan B.

  griffo 13:37 21 Oct 2008

I changed the MB/cpu (some time ago) in the PC that has just died and that went OK. Trouble is, I can't remember how I did it!

  cream. 13:41 21 Oct 2008

Start with the XP cdrom in the drive and boot from it. Set the XP installation going and then do a repair click here

  griffo 14:36 21 Oct 2008

very helpful - many thanks.

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