Old HD-New Mobo?

  Jakey boy 09:20 24 Mar 2005

Right folks, further to my earlier thread click here
Here is my latest query. I have now almost 100% deduced that the motherboard has suffered a failure of indeterminate nature, and the solution will be to purchase and install a new one. I am concerned that the new mobo will not boot into windows with the old HD. I do not want a new format and install, because I would lose all my sister's stuff, which she says she wants to keep. I think the best thing is to install her HD in my own machine as slave, and back up her entire drive to CDR or DVDR? Would this work,and if not, any suggestions appreciated.

  Jakey boy 09:28 24 Mar 2005


  Aspman 09:40 24 Mar 2005

Slaving her hard drive to yours and backing up the important data is always going to be a good move whatever you choose to do.

Unless you are ghosting the drive you won't be able to restore the drive to full working order from this backup but you will have all the files so you really just need to back up personal data.

Will the Windows boot on a new motherboard?
Maybe. Sometimes it'll work sometimes it wont. To improve your chances I'd suggest going for the same manufacturer as the old board and the same chipset or revision of a chipset.

Be prepared to reinstall though. It's still the most likely outcome. BUT if you've backed up all her stuff she won't kill you.

You could always try Ebay to pick up an identical board that would solve your problems in one go.


  Jakey boy 09:55 24 Mar 2005

Thanks mate, you've more or less confirmed my fears. I don't have any software that would "ghost" the drive, but I'm assuming that she's more concerned about losing settings such as her broadband connection/modem settings and/or browser/outlook express stuff etc.You get the picture? She won't want to re-install stuff blah blah blah!

  Tycho 10:06 24 Mar 2005

Don't forget to export her favaourites in IE. You can import them later. Import/export are on the file menu.

  Strawballs 10:07 24 Mar 2005

What O/S are you using because it will work but you might get conflicts between your old MOBO drivers and the new.

  Jakey boy 10:12 24 Mar 2005

The O/S is XP Pro

  Jakey boy 10:14 24 Mar 2005

Thanks for that, but I doubt she cares much about the favourites etc. She has three teenage sons who are more likely to complain about lost links etc, and I'm sure she won't lose any sleep over that!

  Strawballs 10:18 24 Mar 2005

The chances are that it will work I am running XP Pro and have used hard drive in a MOBO change and then swopped the same one to a bare bones system so I now have drivers for three MOBO's and everything works except on the last change there must be a conflict of drivers because when I shut down it reboots instead and I have to hit the power off button at the correct time but that is a minor inconvenience untill I can get everything that I want to keep onto second harddrive that I intend to install then formatt and clean install on the first

  Jakey boy 10:22 24 Mar 2005

Well, looks like I'm gonna have to just bite the bullet and purchase the mobo. I'm still not convinced that it is the mobo. I suppose the problem could be the CPU. Have you checked the original thread?

  [email protected] 10:28 24 Mar 2005

If you have kept to the same manufacturer of mobo it should always work with XP Pro without formatting the HDD It is when you swap mobos for different manufacturer mobos that conflicts can occur But for Jakey Boy it is always advisable to copy to a CD or floppy your favorites & settings in fact it is imperative that you do so just in case

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