old games, new problems

  Final_Blink 20:27 11 Jan 2003
  Final_Blink 20:27 11 Jan 2003

ok. I have monkey island 2 and indiana jones and fate of atlantis, both games are classics, but I cannot get any sound out of indy, and it wont run monkey island at all, just sez cannot initialise sound. any pointers?

  Final_Blink 20:29 11 Jan 2003

by the way,im runnin xp

  deltaflyer 20:30 11 Jan 2003

what o.s. are you using?have you tried updating soundcard drivers?some games need certain files in your config.sys & autoexec.bat

  deltaflyer 20:31 11 Jan 2003

try running games under one of xp's compatibility modes,might help

  Final_Blink 20:39 11 Jan 2003

compatability mode? how do i use that??

  Paranoid Android 21:13 11 Jan 2003

Unfortunately I do not possess these games.

First of all check for patches at the games websites.

Many sound problems associated with Protected Mode DOS can be cured by a utility called VDM Sound, if that's any help.

click here

You could also try consulting a Vogon - a great bunch of guys despite all the bad press - click here


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