Old Game.

  kench 12:45 16 Oct 2004

Ive herd Grim Fandango can be played on Windows X.P. and there is a patch to download is this true.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:21 16 Oct 2004

Should play ok if use XP compatability feature however ther is apatch for fast machines click here

  JIM 13:27 16 Oct 2004

hope this helps.

click here

Gear Up - Grim Fandango System Requirements
Grim Fandango's system requirements are pretty light, since the game is now six years old. As long as you're not still living in the computing equivalent of the stone age, you should have no problems whatsoever with the minimim specifications.

Operating System:
Windows 95/98 compatability. XP should be fine.

Processing Unit: Pentium 133 or above. Do they still even sell these?

Graphics Card:

2mb PCI card. To enjoy the benefits of hardware acceleration, you'll want a 4mb PCI / AGP card.

16mb required as an absolute minimum, 32mb for optimum performance.

As with most games, DirectX is required. Grim Fandango comes bundled with version 7, but you'll probably want the latest version from Microsoft's page.

As you can see, Grim Fandango has incredibly low requirements and should run on the comparatively light-speed computers of today. In fact, this actually works against Grim Fandango and sometimes causes the game to run too quickly. To resolve this, simply download the patch.

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Cover up the Holes - Grim Fandango Patch A patch for Grim Fandango was released shortly after the game's initial release, providing a remedy to a few problems which affect the game. It is highly recommended that you download and install the patch before playing the game, as it does the following:

Solves a problem which can occur when copying the CD's .lab files across to the hard-drive.Prevents various lockups caused by certain events throughout the game. Slows down a certain puzzle during the game which goes too fast for completion on processors higher than 400mhz Adds ability to display text during cutscenes.

Download file:

gfupd101.exe (2.16mb)

click here

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