old e mail problems

  northcoast 10:25 28 Nov 2008

Hi hope someone can help me I used to have an old e-mail account with orange which was mainly used for ebay but then I never used it and forgot about it but then I began to wonder if it was maybe filling up with spam and I decided to try to close down the account but it would not let me log in at all no matter what i tried so does anyone know how i can close down this account. Any help will be much appreciated, thanks

  MAJ 11:01 28 Nov 2008

If you are no longer with Orange, they will close it themselves, usually after 90 days, or so, of you not logging into it.

  northcoast 11:08 28 Nov 2008

thanks but I have a wanadoo broadband account and orange then took them over so maybe its still registered i dont know but thanks

  MAJ 12:40 28 Nov 2008

This page click here tells you how to reactivate your account, northcoast. Hope it helps.

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