Old e-mail address

  Sybil1 11:44 19 May 2012

I have a old aol address which was cancelled 5 years ago when I changed my isp every so often (about twice a year) it sends malware to the old address book which is a major pain. I have contacted aol they have not replied I am using new computors since the aol account. Help please Roger Blundell

  lotvic 11:59 19 May 2012

A bit confused.. "it sends malware to the old address book"

Is the old aol address sending the mail, or is it addressed to the aol old addy?

Don't understand how you can still be collecting from an email address if you haven't set up an account for it since you got new computers?

Have you tried logging on to it's Webmail to see if it is still active (despite you thought it cancelled 5 years ago)

If you are receiving emails from it to your new email address, how does 'it' know your new email address?

Can you explain in more detail what is happening please.

  lotvic 12:06 19 May 2012

Edit, should read: Have you tried logging on to it's Webmail to see if it is still active (despite you thought it cancelled 5 years ago) and deleting the Address Book although if it has already been harvested by Spammers it will only stop anything being sent from that account directly.

Spammers may be spoofing your old address in the From: line.

  Sybil1 12:22 19 May 2012

Many thanks for your interest, this has been driving me mad.

1: not sending to my new e-mail address, but to the old aol address book I, have not recived any to my new isp

2: I have been onto the aol web site and the e-mail address is still there why I do not know, hence, I have contacted aol to no avail.

3: The old aol address is sending the mail.

Hope this is more clear. Back in 1hour Thanks again.

  robin_x 12:58 19 May 2012

AOL keep your old master address active 'for life' I think. That's for the customers benefit, not theirs.

Try logging onto it and change the password in case the account is compromised somehow.

Or it maybe the address is just being spoofed, as mentioned.

  lotvic 13:13 19 May 2012

Agree, Try logging onto it and change the password, have a look in the Sent folder (if you had it set to keep a copy they will be there) definitely need to delete Address Book entries

Is it possible for you to see one of the received emails - not to open it - but to read the Properties and message source in the email Headers, that will show the first mail server where it orginated from and might be a clue as to whether it is actually coming from your old account or if spammers are spoofing your old address in the from line.

  rdave13 13:15 19 May 2012

Help with AOL Mail, McAfee, System Mechanic and AOL Computer Checkup

For Help with purchasing or cancelling the above products please call our AOL Premium Services line on 0808-234-9279 between 8AM to midnight GMT Monday-Sunday. (Calls to this number are free from a UK landline, calls from a mobile may be charged and will vary in cost, depending on your mobile phone provider), or alternatively by email.

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