old computer cdrom problem

  farmboy 21:35 25 Mar 2004

I found a old computer wth a friend, it has alot of potential, but i have formatted the hardrive. When i try to install windows 98, a message keeps popping up saying,'something attached to the cdrom is not working properley', i have tried another hardrive and the same message appears, i have checked the data cable and power connections and they seem ok. Could it possibly some sort of driver not working.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:44 25 Mar 2004

Do you have a boot floppy? try one from bootdisk.com and then put the CD in the drive if this is not already what you are doing.

  Gongoozler 22:18 25 Mar 2004

If it is a very old pc (pre 1998?), it's possible that the cd-rom drive doesn't use the generic MSCDEX.EXE driver. Also if the cd-rom drive is sharing an IDE cable with the hard drive, it may be better to connect it as master on the IDE2 socket.

  woodchip 22:23 25 Mar 2004

Check if the CD-ROM Ribbon cable goes to a Card in a slot on the motherboard

  Rtus 22:56 25 Mar 2004

early cdroms Win3,1 & W95/Dos were controlled via software & port attached to the sound card (ISA) you would have to configure it by running a sound card utility,sometimes the software set every thing up but mostly you had to manually enter data line in config.sys & autoexec.to get it to work .

  gregori 02:13 26 Mar 2004

If the CD-ROM is as Rtus describes then not only will it be difficult to set up without the proper software but it will be slow, x2 probably. Nor will it read Mult-session disks. A brand new CD-ROM drive sells for well under a tenner these days. It may save a lot of hassle. Alternatively ask around your friends. Someone must have an old x6 IDE CD-ROM which they ungraded from.

  farmboy 14:21 26 Mar 2004

thanks for help, i have checked the computer it is an old factory one by the looks of it, but it is a pentium 2 (400mhz), 2556 hard disk, it has 3 isa slots (empty) and 2 pci (empty). Also has 3 memory slots, 2 empty and 1 with 32mb ram. Would i be right in thinking this has some potential?. It has a replaceble battery also. For a computer thats nearl 10 years old it does not look to bad.

  farmboy 14:27 26 Mar 2004

the cd rom is a samsung model sc-148, 48 speed ide cd rom drive, the data cable has 2 connections available with the last 1 being used for the cdrom, i could not help but notice that the data cable has a small cut in the 1 side where i can see the bare wire shining out, could this be the problem. If 1 of the wires is nicked would that stop all communication to that cdrom drive, i have looked in the bios program and it is saying that a cdrom drive is installed.I have a boot disk for windows 95 but i am trying to install windows 98 instead do i need a windows 98 boot disk?, as when i type d:/ drive on the dos line it says not recognised! thanx

  Megatyte 14:32 26 Mar 2004

You need a 98 boot disk. 95 boot disks do not have CDR drivers. Boot from a 98 disk and select CD support.


  Megatyte 14:37 26 Mar 2004

Also, your CD drive will become E. The D drive will be a temporary Ramdrive. The CD will drop back to D when the computer re-boots during installation.


  Gongoozler 17:10 26 Mar 2004

Hi farmboy. The bare wire shouldn't be a problem unless the conductor is cut through. A 48 speed cd drive must be fairly recent, I would guess at less than 5 years, and probably no more than 3. The computer should be fine for most jobs other than fast games.

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