old age pensioner fist computer needs help

  lionheart 18:46 02 Feb 2003

i am thinking of buying a scanner they say i need internet explorer to work it i used to have internet explorer but now it no longer appeares ihave microsoft x p
please help me to re install it step by step
regards lionheart

  Cordy13 18:50 02 Feb 2003

Are you saying that you have a different browser?
Can't see why you'd need Internet Explorer for a scanner.

  leo49 18:56 02 Feb 2003

Whatever scanner you buy, check before purchase that it's compatible with XP.Any scanner will come with the necessary software and instructions for installation on a CD, so don't worry about that, and if you do have problems the Forum will guide you through it.

The Internet explorer thing is a total red herring.


  VoG™ 19:03 02 Feb 2003

If you have Windows XP then you automatically have Internet Explorer.

  Old PC man 19:07 02 Feb 2003

Unless you chose Custom Install and didn't tick Internet Explorer

  Forum Editor 19:16 02 Feb 2003

and I expect you're seeing this page in it.

As leo49 has said, the Internet Explorer thing is meaningless - no scanner requires it to be installed before it will run properly.

If you genuinely do not have Internet Explorer available on your computer you would have to be using another web browser to even see this forum, and in view of the fact that this is your first computer I doubt that to be the case. IE (as it's referred to) is installed by default with Windows XP, and if you have the big blue E on your desktop you have it.

Go ahead and get your scanner, but as leo49 says - make absolutely sure that it will run in Windows XP. The scanner will come with a software CD which you must insert when Windows XP asks you to.

If you are in any doubt about the compatibility issue, why not post here with the name and model of the scanner you are thinking of getting? We'll make sure it will be OK before you buy it.

  lionheart 20:57 04 Feb 2003

many thanks for all your replies all i am saying is internet explorer used to appear when i pressed start, now it does not appear anywhere, i take your point that i dont have to worry about it. the scanner i was thinking of buying is a opticpro model9630p

  watchful 21:08 04 Feb 2003

Do you mean that it doesn't appear in the start menu?

  bfoc 21:35 04 Feb 2003

I would think VERY carefully before buying the 9630p scanner, since it sounds as though it will be a parallel port scanner, which is, IMHO, something to be avoided.
Also the Plustek website seeme to say that it won't work under XP. To check click here

It would be a pity to waste money!

  woodchip 21:40 04 Feb 2003

You need the Epson Perfection 1260 that's XP

  Djohn 21:45 04 Feb 2003

click here and have a read of PCA's reviews of scanners, also woodchip's recommendation is a sound one.

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