old 486 comp getting cd rom to spin up

  holly polly 16:19 11 May 2005

hi mates got a old 486 ,had win 311 installed ,he has a copy of win 95 and wants to install this .

fdisked the comp created primory dos partition booted up off 98 ,95 and me bootdisk and they cannot find the cd drive any ideas so i can get this recognised and then install windows .

as usual all replies greatfully recieved -Hol Pol....

  Diodorus Siculus 16:41 11 May 2005

Do you know if the CD Rom drive was working before fomatting?

Some older ones need a special dos driver loaded. I can do a search for the means of doing so if you need.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:43 11 May 2005
  holly polly 17:01 11 May 2005

many thanks for the link you have provided ,yes it is a very old cd rom and comp and proberly needs the dos driver is their a universal driver that will work the oak drivers in the 95 98 and me bootdisk will not work .
I would be greatfull if you could supply an idiots guide how to get this working ,this is thhe first time i have worked on anything so old ,usually the bootdisks mentioned previously work and i have no probs -thanks -hol pol....

  Diodorus Siculus 17:05 11 May 2005

The link that I have above is clearer than what I could produce - I've not done it since win95 came out and can't be sure of the steps.

Basically it will involve editing the config.sys file from DOS:

At the c:\ prompt, type

edit config.sys

Then put in the lines as above.

  pj123 17:13 11 May 2005

Try a bootdisk from click here

  Diodorus Siculus 17:18 11 May 2005

holly polly: when you siad, [quote]booted up off 98 ,95 and me bootdisk and they cannot find the cd drive[/quote] I presumed that these were standard boot disks with CD rom drivers. If not, they try one from pj123's link first.

  holly polly 17:25 11 May 2005

i,m getting confused wot bootdisk do i need ,do i have to install a dos driver first to get the cd rom drive recognised how about if i put another cd rom in will that work or is it down to the way the comp needs a driver to recognise the drive?

  holly polly 17:28 11 May 2005

yes they do have cd support included by oak technologies but they dont work any more suggestions anyone please?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:33 11 May 2005

You may well have to install DOS first of all.

Then a DOS CD driver.

If you were to use a different CD ROM drive (ie a newer one) you may well find that the Win98 boot disk recognises it. That might be an easier option.

  Diemmess 17:40 11 May 2005

Have you checked in the BIOS to see if a CD is on offer in the alternatives for first/second/third boot device?

I would have expected any of the floppies you have tried to have given access to a CD device

It is just possible that the old CDROM is dead.

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