Ok...so I bought a new 1.5TB External Hard Drive..

  Ronyap 21:59 04 May 2009

I got a Seagate 1.5TB Freeagent Desk woot :P. Any precautions I need to be aware of?

I have heard that people need to format their Hard Drives to NTFS if they want to store files over 4GB, but mine was already NTFS...so I guess mine was pre-done? Lucky me...saves me like 12 hours of formatting.

The thing worrying me is that it gets a bit hot after a few hours. Where is the Vent?! I cant see the vent, the thing is, I want to keep it clear, coz I hear that drives fail easily when they're not kept at the right temperature.

I am told that when I want to switch it off (but not my PC), I have to safely remove it, then unplug the USB cable and then the Power Cable. However, my laptop doesn't really like the 'Safely remove' function. I get like a 'Generic something something still in use. Please close any programs using it before disconnecting.' something along those lines. And it frustrates me, since all my programs are closed. I do it like 10 times, but it still gives me that message, and I can't really risk just unplugging it as my data might become corrupt > . And I don't want that to happen.

Would you recommend standing it horizontally or vertically? I know that it is flexible for both, but I want to know which one is optimum, I have read many stories on the internet where people's hard drives have failed and caused overwhelming distress. I don't really want to go through that.

Sorry if this is a bit too fussy lol, but this is my first ever hard drive, and I want it to leave a good impression for at least a good 3 years.


  Graham. 23:22 04 May 2009

External drives will get warm, nothing to worry about. As for unplugging, that shouldn't be a problem either. If you want to be sure, put the laptop in standby first.

  xania 08:42 05 May 2009

ALthough you can livem withm this problem to a certain extend, if it persists you do run the risk of damage so I feel you need to fix it. I suspect that the problem may lay within your Operaing System - you don't say how long you have had it - so:

1. Try loading WIndows in safe mode - this will attempt to repair and could fix the problem.

2. If not, try reinstalling your system over the top which will fix most problems without losing your perssonal settings.

I have also done a quick search on the internet and come up with the following - you are not alone:

click here

click here

  ened 09:20 05 May 2009

I have the 1Tb version of that.

It should be set to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity by default. You can change this to suit your particular needs or not have it turned off at all.

If it is very warm it suggests you have it on for a long period.

When I bought this I transferred everything from my Seagate 750 external. I then reformatted that one. You are not kidding about the time it takes and it too became very warm during the process. But cooled down as soon as it finished and has been working fine ever since.

I have them both upright on their (supplied) stands but I think they are okay in any position.

  Ronyap 11:31 05 May 2009

woh woh. Xania, I think you're mistaking my problem. My problem is only minor, nothing like those in the link. You know when you safely remove a USB? Like that little green icon in bottom right(Taskbar or status bar, can never remember)? I click it to safely remove, but it just wont let me sometimes. However, it will let me sometimes, and I just remove. I just think that some program may be using my USB drive in the background or something...

I just got a quick pic from google:

click here

I dont think i really need to reinstall my system for this?

Alos, my system tends to have a blue screen error like once every 3 weeks 'Driver IRQL Less or not equal' something like that. Do you think this will affect my Hard drive while its connected? I think the problem is my Zonealarm Firewall, but I aint got round to uninstalling it yet.

Oh, and thanks to everyone

  Ronyap 11:42 05 May 2009

Wait, disregard my comment Xania. I see that the first link has some relevance. The second link has a person who has a comp that cant recognise his drive. Mine is recognised, just wont release...kind of.


  xania 12:02 05 May 2009

You have now introduced a second peroblem and I think this can statrt to ocnfuse matters. You may find it better to start a new subject on that BSOD problem. However, I doubt it could affect your Hard Drive and could ease matters if you have to reboot.

Did not get a chance to fully read those 2 items before posting but still think both may have some pointers for you. However, you do need to resolve the problem because this could be the start of other problems so suggest you try to fix as indicated and/or plan for an early wipedown and reinstallion of your software.

  Ronyap 19:28 05 May 2009

Ive just tried doing safely remove on my Drive, and it worked. So I guess it just sometimes works. Thats fine with me. Also, I have read up on the BSOD, and one person said it was Zone Alarm causing this. So, I uninstalled my Zone Alarm Firewall. Hope I dont see that BSOD any time soon!


  ened 06:17 06 May 2009

Just for your information I have never used that 'Safely remove hardware' button. I don't find it necessary.

Just power down the drive and unplug it!

  xania 08:36 06 May 2009


I THINK your solution is OK, but only for equipment that has its own power switch. Won't work for keys etc.

  ened 08:42 06 May 2009

Actually I have just looked again at my recent Seagate and there is no power switch, whereas the older one did have one.

Having said that I still think you can unplug it so long as it is not in use - remember the floppy?

There is no need to go through the other routune.

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