ok on pc not ok excel

  mrh 16:11 11 Jun 2004

read earlier related threads - still not grasped !!
need formula - small graph- appraisals.
1st column 'last appraisal'in date form- 2nd column 'appraisal due' graph to show percentage of appraisals completed - all for only a dozen people
any help would be great
thanks in advance

  bremner 16:13 11 Jun 2004

You will have to explain or post link to previous thread

  VoG II 16:20 11 Jun 2004


  mrh 16:27 11 Jun 2004

apologies have read earlier responses to similar questions - but not managed to resolve my own dilema - as stated earlier - i am trying to get excel formula in date format - adding/subtracted date formula - if in date on appraisal to say so, if out of date to say so, i then hope to show information from worksheet onto graph.

  stlucia 16:33 11 Jun 2004

=IF((A1-B1>0)," ","overdue") would do what you want, I think.

  VoG II 16:37 11 Jun 2004



A result of 1 indicates appraisal due, 0 = not due.

  mrh 16:38 11 Jun 2004

will try that now - thank you for such a quick response

  mrh 16:52 11 Jun 2004

all ok but have made a error on formula in 2nd column for next appraisal due - there annual

  VoG II 16:55 11 Jun 2004

trying to be too clever and it doesn't work as intended.

With last appraisal date in B2, format C2 as Date and enter the following formula


In D2 enter the formula


I'm assuming names go in column A.

Select C2 and D2, hover cursor over the bottom right of D2 until the cursor turns into a +

Hold down left mouse button to copy the formulas down as far as needed.

  VoG II 16:56 11 Jun 2004

Above assumes annual appraisals (365 days).

  mrh 16:59 11 Jun 2004

after such a speedy reply - pushing my luck - what would your formulae be for 2nd column
in hope mrh

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