Ok, formatted & XP installed!!, few questions :)

  gazmix 17:25 18 Sep 2009

I guess some of you will know i've had sound issues & inability to update a few programmes due to Reg Key stuff etc!

It's been a pain, so i just had XP reinstalled & hope someone can help me with a few querys!

The guy in the shop advised against most 3rd party downloads as the mess your system up if you don't wanna pay, i'm not sure whether to believe him or not & Microsoft want you to always upgrade & so therefor they occasionally do the same!

I have Microsoft updates off at the moment as i believe the installation of SP3 started all this, even though SP3 is there at the moment. Should i allow updates, as i'm worried these will fry my registry!

Is it a good idea, now it all working ok, to backup the registry?, should i use Erunt or the backup option in programmes>accessories>system tools?

There are some hidden icons in 'taskbar' that i am not sure what they are & some remnants from the AVG that came with this pc, can i do a search & delete them.

When i first booted the pc, i couldn't get online, my LAN connection said 'firewalled', would that be Windows firewall & a other firewall wouldn't do this.
Also, when i configured my Outlook, it asked me if i wanted to create Windows Messenger, not Windows live messenger!
What is the difference & how can i delete the Windows messenger as i have live!!


  DieSse 18:03 18 Sep 2009

Was this a "clean re-install", or a "repair reinstall" (ie over the top of the existing installation)?

1 SP3 does not "fry registries" - it's been out for ages, and all the XP systems I know (quite a lot - 50+) have it installed.

2 It's a good idea to backup your whole system never mind the registry. A good imaging program, such as Acronis True Image, or similar, is worth it's weight in gold.

3 "Hidden icons" are normally in the system tray (the bit of the taskbar on the far right. They are just the same as any other icons there - you can permanently "unhide" them, which is what I recommend.

4 Any firewall should not prevent you getting on-line, unless it's wrongly configured.

5 Just ignore Messenger - it's not worth trying to delete it - just use Live Messenger if that's what you want to use. Live Messenger is the newer.

  gazmix 18:10 18 Sep 2009

Ok, iam am not sure, i think it was formatted & then complete reinstall, as i was asked to back all my files etc!

I am not sure what caused my initial issue, just that i turned on updates & caput!!

I have only a usb stick, so for now should i use ERUNT as i know how to use that!

A difference i have noticed is that in Mailwasher (everyone to their own), if i get a mail responce to a thread, ie your reply, i click on the link & it opens a new window using Internet Explorer & not a new tab in Firefox!


I have FF set to default browser & to open a new screen in tabs!
What could be the problem here?, it never did this previously!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:11 18 Sep 2009

1. Allow updates but set as "Notify me
but don't automatically download or install them."

You can then pick and choose the ones you really need

2. Yes always worth having a registry back up on another drive or partition I always use the windows backup or CCleaner back up. click here

3.Ccleaner - tools - start up will show you all programs that are loaded at start and will also remove them as require

4. If you have another firewall switch off windows firewall. Windows messenger removal click here

  gazmix 18:27 18 Sep 2009


In OE, if i click on a link in a mail, it opens with the browser i'm using!, but in Mailwasher, it always opens in a new Internet Explorer window!!

Any ideas?


  DieSse 18:53 18 Sep 2009

"i think it was formatted & then complete reinstall"

If so, there wouldn't be anything at all left from the previous installation. There will only be what was installed after the new installation.

Did you specify what you wanted?

Did you get a list of what was done, and what was re-installed?

  gazmix 19:32 18 Sep 2009

No, i had a sound problem that i couldn't sort, i tried loads of things, installing new drivers etc that wouldn't install, new messenger wouldn't install & i was getting Reg Key stuff, i tried soundfix stuff but nothing!

All that was on the pc when i got it back today was XP Pro & a version of AVG on desktop with Recycle bin!
I'v ejust finished installing all my programmes & they installed successfully.

I think the Mailwasher thing is a version issue, version 5.1 don't allow Firefox but my old version 2.0 does!!

I will do what fruitbat says, but am very wary about downloading updates!
Will ERUNT act as a system restore & if i went back using ERUNT, would it uninstall updates or would i need to create a restore point?

  chub_tor 21:42 18 Sep 2009

You can change which email programme that Mailwasher uses by going to Tools, General Options, Specify and use the arrow drop down box to select the email client that you want to use.

  gazmix 13:40 20 Sep 2009

It's not about the email application Mailwasher uses, its about what browser Mailwasher uses to open links in mails!

Fruit Bat, how would i know which updates i need??

  chub_tor 19:56 20 Sep 2009

Mailwasher will open Links into the Default Web Browser. Have you set Firefox to be your default?

  woodchip 20:38 20 Sep 2009

IF he put a different version of XP on your comp it may not activate, and there may be method in is madness saying do not update. He means if you try MS, it may shut you out with your OS if its not legit

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