OK to burn Acronis Tib files to DVDs to save space

  buel 16:13 05 Nov 2010

I have accrued quite a lot of space on my external hard drive by saving Acrnis back ups. I notice that they have been saved as 'tib' files.
Please can someone tell me will it be ok to burn these files on a few DVDs (and copy them a few times to be sure of them being safe) and then deleting them from my external HD? Will i be able to perform a restore using these DVDs should the need arise?

  hastelloy 16:21 05 Nov 2010

Yes, that would work. Be aware that discs can deteriorate and become unusable so HDD is the safer option. If you have a lot of these files and they are all full backups, you could delete all but the latest 2 or 3.

  woodchip 16:26 05 Nov 2010

yes as long as they fit

  woodchip 16:27 05 Nov 2010

if one image take more than one file, be sure to number the discs as you make them

  Diemmess 16:35 05 Nov 2010

Yes and marvin42's point about scrapping the oldest .tib files is a good one.

I use the space offered just before the backup starts, to note anything special about that backup.

If there's nothing special about any, I just delete the eldest one, but say you have installed something large, scrap it and then later decide it was a mistake..... that's where you will be pleased you made the note.

Otherwise the older they get the more work you will have after 'restore'
All the updates and minor tweaks will need bringing up to date.

  Rob_08 17:34 05 Nov 2010

Another External HD would be better, like a My Book. I wouldnt trust tibs on a dvd for very long.

  David4637 15:04 06 Nov 2010

Dont use DVDs, let alone more than one to fit a *.tib, the best place is an external HD. Keep the latest 3 *.tib and delete earlier ones. David

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