ok brand new laptop wrecked by spilt drink

  chrisjohn 16:45 26 May 2008

ok laptop totaly wrecked by kids and drink,is their any way of retrieving my files on the hard drive,the laptop wont start up totaly dead,full pint of larger spilt on keyboard.

  skidzy 16:49 26 May 2008

Remove the harddrive asap !

Get yourself a 2.5 usb caddy and insert the drive to reclaim the data.

Or use an adaptor cable such as click here

  chrisjohn 16:58 26 May 2008

brill thanx

  chrisjohn 17:00 26 May 2008

oh yer my new laptop is vista got it today,my wrecked one is xp can i transfer the files to new laptop

  skidzy 17:00 26 May 2008

Sorry Chris meant to post a caddy for you
click here i have a couple of these,pretty good for the money.

  chrisjohn 21:35 26 May 2008

ok thanx

  chrisjohn 21:37 26 May 2008

skidzy,i just need the caddy only....what cable do i need from caddy to the pc

  woodchip 22:06 26 May 2008

You get a cable with the caddy. Blown Laptop claim on you Contents Insurance

  ashdav 22:12 26 May 2008

Take the battery out and leave in a warm place, eg. airing cupboard,for a couple of days then try rebooting.
Damage to the electronics will happen if there's voltage.
This will cause corrosion.
If there's no voltage, it's just wet.

  woodchip 22:14 26 May 2008

And Sticky

  skidzy 22:20 26 May 2008

Caddies come with the required leads.

The usb adaptor is very handy as this does sata drives also and mains powered (no caddy needed).Not all caddies are mains powered (some just usb powered).

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