shauny36 08:54 19 Oct 2007

Hi guys, im not shauny, im his other half and i am in major panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got no idea if im in the right forum but dunno where else to go!!!!!

I have emailed a piece of work to an email address so that i can print it off at uni.

I opened the email this morning and edited the attachment slightly.

On closing the document it asked me to save-yes, no or cancel and i said yes.


Please help.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

  octal 08:59 19 Oct 2007

It will save the changes to the attachment on the email, do you still have the email?

  Technotiger 09:16 19 Oct 2007

And if it saved the email itself (with attachment) it may have put it in the Drafts Folder.

  crosstrainer 09:20 19 Oct 2007

Edited the document with the application that it was created in, It should have saved it in the default location (usually my documents) Good Luck:)

  Graham. 09:24 19 Oct 2007

Do a Search for the title.

  silverous 09:27 19 Oct 2007

Which email program did you open it from?
If you open it in outlook it has a habit of storing the attachments locally in a folder called somethink like OLKxxx e.g.

c:\Documents and Settings\<your user goes here>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK579

you can find out where that location is by opening another attachment in Outlook and doing save-as and you'll see where it was storing them. Then find that location in Word/Windows Explorer and hopefully your saved file will be there.

I WOULDN'T recommend opening the same attachment again via outlook as I suspect it may overwrite the previous version, I could be wrong on that tho.

  shauny36 17:26 19 Oct 2007

Hi all. Thank you all so much for replying and giving me your advice.

Searched on the computer-not found, only the original before editing

Working with Office Word 2007

Checked documents-nothing there-just original

Checked temp internet folder-nothing!

Checked drafts, sent box and all others.....as if by chance a miricle may happen-NOTHING!!!!!!!!

Finally it is not there when i re open the attachment

Anymore ideas anyone??????? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEESE

  Technotiger 17:34 19 Oct 2007

Hmm, on Office Word does it not show up when you click on Open, in the normal way that you do when opening a saved document?

  Technotiger 17:38 19 Oct 2007

Also, when you clicked on Save, unless you gave it a different name it would save just as the original, but edited. Are you sure that the Original you found is not in fact the edited version.

Looking on the dark side - are you sure that you clicked on Yes and not one of the other options, especially if you were in a hurry at the time?

  Sea Urchin 17:43 19 Oct 2007

Technotiger is correct - looking at your original question you say that when you had edited the document it asked whether you wished to save the changes and you said Yes. That means that the "original" document will now be the edited document.

  shauny36 17:56 19 Oct 2007

Well.....the file name was JANE-CHILDCARE_1_1
then at uni i was experimenting and noticed the file name for it when i had saved changes was JANE-CHILDCARE_1_1_1 so i'm reckoning that its saved in this name but cannot find it anywhere.

Ive searched and everything and document does not open with updated or backed up documents

My searches have been thorough and still nothing


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