Oh Hell!! AOL 8 and WINDOWS 98 Second Edition

  saburini 15:27 08 Jul 2003

I have problems using ADSL with AOL8 with Windows 98SE.
On signing off AOL I cannot clear the AOL Screen,
which freezes, thus not enabling any option to close AOL other than using Control-Alternate-Delete.
Using AOL7 and Windows 98SE presents no problems,
everything works fine as it should do.
AOL cannot solve the problem,suggesting various
"fixes" and even stating my computer is not up to scratch.Has anyone else had a similar problem
or better still can anyone suggest a definite cure/fix?

  colberly 17:45 08 Jul 2003

To be quite honest if AOL7 works fine then I would stick with it.

  saburini 18:10 08 Jul 2003

I would use AOL7 but there are some improved features in AOL8 which I like e.g. Their very good Pop-Up Ads Boocker and Print Button.
Maybe if I get MS WIN XP it would be the answer as AOL8 has been designed for it.

  Mango Grummit 09:47 09 Jul 2003

Which firewall are you using? Some of them can cause this but most won't. ZoneAlarm is OK with AOL I find although 'tis not the one they recommend.

  saburini 10:17 09 Jul 2003

No Firewalls used.This is the same question AOL always asks. Although Zone Alarm is compatible with AOL, I have had problems in the past with ZA software.
AOL8 has very good features.A good Pop-Up Ads Blocker, Email and Spam preventer.I have not had many problems until I used AOL8 with ADSL Broadband and Win98.

  Mango Grummit 10:43 09 Jul 2003

I've used Aol on Win ME for ages now. I'm on V8 and BB now, like you but no probs. Have you done registry clean? I use jv16 to keep things going nicely. If you have not tried it then give it a whirl!

Try here for more help. Chap's name is Mark and he used to work for AOL, 'tho before BB so I don't know if he's as much help these days. Nice fellow he is and always answers e-mails if you can't find answer on his site.

click here

Why no firewall btw? Bit risky doncha think?

Regards, M

  RockSteady Eddie 10:51 09 Jul 2003

As you probably are aware aol 8 has a companion with it. Next time you start aol 8 and the companion loads on the screen, click the "x" to close companion. If you are feeling brave goto, start,run,type msconfig,select startups and uncheck the box beside aol8 companion. Re start and see if that cures your prob. When told you are using selective startup select ok.

  saburini 11:02 09 Jul 2003

Will try your suggestions, guys.Thanks.
May reinstall ZA, but set it more carefully,I have cleaned the registry.
Haven't considered this AOL8 companion would cause this problem.More like a Gremlin!!
I dont have this companion load though, as I never use my main screen name.It only pops up,along with several other AOL pop-ups, when I use my main screen name.

  Mango Grummit 11:16 09 Jul 2003

I don't have the companion installed btw so know nothing about that. We use MSN to "talk" to friends and relatives in Oz and the States 'cos thats what everyone uses.

  Mango Grummit 01:21 11 Jul 2003

Hi there, any joy yet?

  saburini 09:33 11 Jul 2003

Thanks Mango.I have tried out your suggestions,no improvement.I havent got onto Mark yet.
I now shut down my computer with AOL still on.
Not the best way,I know, but it stops the AOL screen freezing and I usually shut down after a session online anyway.
Seems I am stuck with it until I install WIN XP.

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