Oh Deary Me!!!! HELP MARK 2 !!!!!!!

  davenfish 21:09 06 Jan 2004

I'm in trouble again and anyone who knows me from my last thread will know this will be good.
Have loaded wp on my new pc,everything seems fine until i load the drivers for my onboard graphics.I have asus a7n8x - vm.Amd 2600 512 ram.
System crashes when i click an icon and i can get it to crash if i click preview screen saver the aquarium one.
So i uninstall the drivers and things calm down no crashes.I load updated drivers for n-vidia off win update and hey crashto were at it again.
Ive tried switching settings in the bios but short of fitting a new graphics card (to verify that onboard graphics arent working properly which im not quite sure of doing)can isafely take the motherboard back and state"i do believe i have spent many an hour trying to get this faulty product you supplied me to work!!!
Thanx in advance.

  jgosden 21:13 06 Jan 2004

sounds like your havin fun!!!

  davenfish 21:15 06 Jan 2004

Believe me i'm almost bald as it is!!!

  Terrahawk 21:23 06 Jan 2004

have you tried drivers from nvidia website rather than the windows ones click here

  davenfish 21:31 06 Jan 2004

Dont really know which one i need!

  howard60 21:45 06 Jan 2004

just a thought - XP drivers often do a better job than the ones that come with the card. Have you loaded the motherboard cd this is the first thing to do after you get a basic windows system working.

  davenfish 21:51 06 Jan 2004

Yes mate going round the houses at moment it doesnt seem to wor properly at moment with drivers loaded or not.
Just uninstalled nvidia display drivers and it will play the aquarium without crashing but in win media player it wont play any plus! visualisations and horizontal lines appear on the screen.!!!

  Terrahawk 10:58 07 Jan 2004

if you run something like belarc click here its free should tell you what nvidia chipset yo have
i am assuming nvidia because you have tried the nvidia windows drivers

  Chegs ® 13:51 07 Jan 2004

Is this a sign that the Refresh Rates for the monitor are set to high?

XP's Error log states....

Have a look in its Error log,and see what it says.The list often has W32 Time,etc but it might give us a further clue as to what is actually going on,eg some kind of error code.

  Mr.Scoobs 15:17 07 Jan 2004

i personally think its the onboard graphics(i may be wrong) the driver may well be out of date or the onboard is buggered. i can only suggest what has allready been said, finding out what onborad card u have and then getting drivers.also if you have changed os then this might have caused a problem??? im not sure

  struggle8 15:36 07 Jan 2004

do not us the new uptodate drivers for your card go to nvidia.com and download old drivers we have win xp with geforce 4 440 mx card the only drivers that work realy well are 30.82. when we downloaded new drivers i.e 53 ?? `s pc froze slowed down all sorts of trouble so we went back yo an old driver now all is ok if thats any help

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