oh dear outlook express again!

  Deniset 16:26 26 Feb 2008

posted this morning regarding problem with emails. I contacted technical support at talktalk and they set up my email account again. They said it was a problem with outlook express and that I needed to reinstal it. I did a further systems restore and everything was fine,UNTIL this afternoon! Again the message is the smpt not responding. So do I have to uninstal outlook express, or should I get back to talktalk. This seems to happen every couple of weeks and usually around 4pm

  Totally-braindead 16:42 26 Feb 2008

I wonder if the problem is perhaps not your PC at all but is in fact at talktalks Servers end.
IE its them that have the problem and not you, it just affects you.

  Deniset 16:45 26 Feb 2008

I am getting the distinct impression that this might be the case

  Totally-braindead 16:46 26 Feb 2008

How you would check this I really don't know.

If your Outlook Express works later on then that suggests to me that theres nothing wrong on your end.

  Totally-braindead 16:51 26 Feb 2008

This tells you what all your settings should be and you could check them click here but if it was working before and works later on then obviously theres nothing wrong with them at all.

  Deniset 17:11 26 Feb 2008

Have been onto talktalk again and gone through the same routine, (as you have outlined above) was told to turn computer off for 5 minuttes. So for now it is working, but somehow I am not holding my breath! Thanks for the link you gave brain dead!
For the time being think this has resolved the situation!!!!

  Totally-braindead 17:22 26 Feb 2008

I'm with PlusNet now but previously I was with Tiscali and no matter what happened to the connection according to them the problem was always on my end not theirs.

It ended up after about £10 of phones calls I caught them out when they told me a load of complete rubbish that definatly wasn't true and I subsequently left them. I cannot say that you have the same problems but if your Outlook Express works later on, in my view the problem has to be on their end and you are wasting time and perhaps money calling them - if they charge for the calls of course.

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