Oh dear my laptop is really messed up!

  Deniset 07:45 28 Jul 2009

I had installed AVG for free on my Packard Bell. Running Windows XP Home.
(My ISP is AOL - which I dont use for emails!)
AVG had an exclamation mark on the tray, so tried to uninstall it and reinstall. I ran System Restore several times and nothing changed.
I ran Crap Cleaner and think I must have "fiddled" with something, as now System Restore says cannot restore and also when I try to run my email account it does not go to the site. In fact when I type in anything on the start - run - nothing happens!
Help please

  sunnystaines 08:35 28 Jul 2009

do you have a packard bell back up disc or partition to recover.

  wee eddie 09:17 28 Jul 2009

has pre-installed another AntiVirus.

First job should be to Copy, to another Storage Device, all your precious files, but not Windows.

I am not a Fan of Restoration but this sounds a likely candidate as "sunnystaines" suggests. Remember that it will delete all your files on the disk.

  Deniset 10:12 28 Jul 2009

No back up disc that I am aware of. Just got C drive with no back up partition

  LinH 11:01 28 Jul 2009

When you bought the lappy did you not get a collection of various software disks? If so, one of them could be a recovery disk. If not, you probably have a hidden recovery partition which can be accessed via a menu or maybe a control panel option. Not sure how Packard Bell organise their recovery options but it will be something like the above.

IMPORTANT: As wee eddie says, recovery will delete all your present files so try and backup anything you need to a flash drive or similar before starting the process


  wee eddie 11:10 28 Jul 2009

I think that AOL comes with a Trial version of McAfee installed. You will need to remove any previously installed AntiVirus before you install your own choice.

2 AVs on a Computer are a recipe for problems.

  Deniset 11:25 28 Jul 2009

So if I save everything to storage disk, what do i do next?

  LinH 11:48 28 Jul 2009

If you have a recovery disk put it in the cd/dvd drive and when it starts simply follow the options for a full system recovery.

Using the recovery partition should be the same once you have found out how to access it i.e. menu option, control panel etc.


  LinH 12:12 28 Jul 2009

Just been on the web and one Packard Bell forum suggests you can access the recovery partition by tapping F11 whilst starting the computer.

Could be worth a try.


  Deniset 14:12 28 Jul 2009

Thanks LinH. If I back up my files and then tap F11, what do I do next??

I,m afraid you will have to spell it out step for step for me - this is new territory for me and I am a bit anxious about it

  wee eddie 14:33 28 Jul 2009

Now would be a good time to get an External Hard Drive, unless you have almost nothing stored on your Hard Drive. CDs hold almost nothing. Many come with a "lite" version of some Back-up Software.

Allow yourself "several hours", say a Sunday morning and no Lunch Date in-case things over-run.

You will then have to get a cup of tea and follow the instructions as every Company uses a slightly different format. If you have another PC attached to the net, someone here might be able to answer your questions as you go.

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