Oh Dear - another question

  griffo 22:44 13 Jan 2009

Sorry folks - got another one!

I have made a few (tentative) changes to one of our sites and want my colleagues to see the results before I upload (put?) to the server.

Can anyone kindly tell me how I do this please?

  Forum Editor 23:44 13 Jan 2009

create a new folder on your server space? Call it anything you like - testsite for instance - and publish the new version of your site to it.

Then tell your colleagues to add /testsite to the normal site address and they'll see your new version. When you're ready to make the change permanent you can simply publish to the normal address and delete the folder called testsite

  griffo 09:24 14 Jan 2009

thanks for the reply - here I go again, how do I create a new folder on the server please?

  griffo 08:18 15 Jan 2009

Can anyone please help me with this enquiry, I really need to progress the updates to our site but don't want to 'publish' it on the internet until it has been viewed by my colleagues and tested in several browsers.

This must be a fundamental process that many of you know the answers to?

  AndySD 11:16 16 Jan 2009

How do you upload your files to the server?

  griffo 16:48 16 Jan 2009

I'm using Dreamweaver CS3. I have noticed in the drop down it lists Local View, Remote View, Map View and Testing Server. Is there a clue in 'Testing Server' perhaps, or am I misinterpreting that?

If so, would I use Remote View to create the 'anyname' folder on the Server?

  griffo 16:59 16 Jan 2009

PS - I have used the Remote view and created a new folder called 'New Work', which I guess is now on the Server.

How would I get a copy of what I've done locally, loaded into that 'New Work' folder, so that I can send my colleagues a link to it please?

Presumably the link would read click here Work ?

  griffo 17:16 16 Jan 2009

that click here should read w3.blahblah,co,uk/New Work

  Forum Editor 18:57 16 Jan 2009

there may be a better way, depending on where your colleagues are.

If they're somewhere you can get a CD to, why don't you create a folder on your own computer -call it anything you like - and then tell DreamWeaver to publish your revised site to it?

Then you can copy the folder on to as many CDs as you like, and give one to each colleague. All they'll need to do is open the folder and click on the index.html file. That will fire up their browser, and they can look at the site as if it was on the internet.

  griffo 11:23 17 Jan 2009

Yep - I admit I'm struggling. The CD/Pen drive idea is good but it would mean travelling an hour each way every time I make changes and as this 'project' is going to go on for a while, that's not ideal.

Where I'm now unclear is how I get either the whole site, with my new stuff, or just my new stuff, onto the server so that only my colleagues can see it?

I have tried creating a new folder in the Local Root Folder - called new_work, thinking I could just copy the new files into there as you suggested. Then (somehow) upload just the 'new_work' folder to the server with a link as described in my last post? What I found was: a) I couldn't work out how to copy the files, so I used drag & drop into 'new_work'. It asked me if I wanted to update the links as well. Somehow I didn't feel that was the right method, so I've put it all back into the Root for now.

Sorry this is so long-winded but as you all know 'a little knowledge is dangerous', which makes me lethal I reckon!!

  griffo 13:15 17 Jan 2009

thanks for the response. Do I understand right that, drag & drop from Root to new_work is the right method, rather than copy (which I couldn't find out how to do)?

If so, I think I understand how to proceed now.

I think I will follow your suggestion and download another copy of the site to a new folder on my PC just in case.

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