Offset PCA forum.

  Chris the Ancient 09:52 18 Aug 2010

It's only just started happening the past couple of days. But...

PCA forum pages are aligned left on my screen rather than centred.

Is it me, the computer or PCA?

  cocteau48 09:54 18 Aug 2010

No definitive answers but it seems you are not alone:click here

  Chris the Ancient 10:11 18 Aug 2010

Hadn't spotted that! Blame it on age and incompetence.

But, I do use AdBlock, and I'd rather have that and a shifted left page.

  mgmcc 11:47 18 Aug 2010

As I posted in the other thread:

The problem appears to arise when this "stylesheet" is blocked by Adblock Plus:

http :// cdn . inskinmedia . com / isfe / 4.1 / css / base . css

(without the spaces!)

Disable that filter in Adblock Plus.

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