Offline wireless net ok - now for the internet ?

  greybeard 21:44 16 Jan 2006

Broadband connection via xp2 toshiba laptop with IE6 and OE6, with NAV 2006 running firewall etc.
Always off-line wireless net, ad-hoc, to 98se compaq desktop, with no security utility in place(I'm located 2.4 miles from the nearest village, down an unclassified country lane !).
IE5 and OE5 are installed at present on the desktop which has only been used for graphics work and printing.

If I now wish to allow the desktop access to the internet(saves walking down stairs and through four doors) - (assumes I remembered to connect before I go upstairs to work)
1. Do I need to upgrade IE5/OE5 to 6 before going on line ?
2. Do I use the NAV firewall on the laptop and not have to install it on the desktop ?
3. Which is easier to do -modify my present set up to allow internet sharing, or set up a completely new network ?
4. Which order to I carry out the above ?
5.If all is successful, can I connect from the desktop if the laptop downstairs isn't on-line ?

I'm the only user.
Many thanks

  Skyver 23:01 16 Jan 2006

1. It's best to do so and only takes 5 mins with BB.
2. You ought to have a firewall on all machines connected to the 'net. Your desktop machine is unprotected from any internet problems regardless of wireless setup, even a basic old firewall like Kerio 2.15 would be better than nothing click here . Definitely install a decent firewall on the laptop.
3. Could be problematic - the free version of ZoneAlarm doesn't support Internet Connection Sharing as far as I know, the last time I tried it with Kerio 4.2x ICS was disabled after 30 days, and I have no idea if the aforementioned 2.15 supports it at all. You'd be much better off with a wireless router, however you'd be limited to WEP encryption by your `98 machine. It's better than nothing, but not as good as WPA-PSK which your laptop will be capable of.
5. No, but with a wireless router yes.

  Skyver 23:03 16 Jan 2006

Sorry...4...pretty much the order you asked the questions.

  Skyver 23:07 16 Jan 2006

One more thing, a wireless router is a hardware firewall itself, you have little to worry about from people capturing your network traffic to the router judging by your description of your location. A software firewall is still a sensible option for a laptop though, even with a wireless router.

  Skyver 00:02 17 Jan 2006

Just re-read, note to self `must read more carefully in future`. No problem with ICS in Kerio 2.15, but you may need to check if NAV's firewall supports ICS and exactly how much protection it offers a `sharing` machine. Kerio 2.15 is very light on resources so having it would be `belt and braces` as it were.
The rest of my comments still stand.

  greybeard 11:10 17 Jan 2006

I was hoping to perform some sort of miracle without spending more money, so this will have to wait till funds allow.

  Forum Editor 16:56 17 Jan 2006

I definitely agree with Skyver - the way to do this is to set up a wireless router/modem and put a wireless PCMCIA adapter into the Toshiba (I'm assuming that it isn't Wi-Fi enabled?).

That way you could access the broadband connection without the PC being switched on.

Total hardware cost would be around £68

  greybeard 18:15 17 Jan 2006

£68 = 3/4 week's pension = one case wine.
Hard call.

  Forum Editor 18:52 17 Jan 2006

Not at all - I'll be in for a glass on my next long weekend in you-know-where, pausing momentarily in your lane to check my email via your unsecured wireless network.

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