Office XP (Standard) EULA

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:20 28 May 2003

Can someone clarify what the position is with this and installing on a desktop/laptop?

Does one licence of Office XP allow you to install it on your Desktop PC as well as a Laptop you also use?

I'm sure I've seen something (most likely on this site!) that says you can but just need to clarify the situation.


PS Anyone find a better price for Office XP Standard Upgrade than Amazons £163?

  steven_frost 13:34 28 May 2003

I belive the answer to this is NO you need a mutil user licence as i belive the code is taken from different hardware codes so meaning if you try and install on say your laptop it won't let you the only way round this is to wait say 6 months then do it if anyone else knows any different would help

  Djohn 13:37 28 May 2003

Yes, it is allowed.

Windows as an operating system, 95/98/XP, etc. is one O/S one PC.

Windows office programs, one install on your desktop, and one on your laptop, both PC's must belong to you, and used by you. Both installs will "Activate". This is the way I have mine setup. Regards. J

  Djohn 13:51 28 May 2003

Extract from Microsoft home page, FAQ section.


Q. Can I install my copy of Office XP on my home computer and my laptop?

A. Yes. According to the End User License for Microsoft Software, you can install and use your retail copy of Office XP on a single desktop computer and on your laptop, for your exclusive use. However, this does not apply to Office XP product licenses acquired with the purchase of a computer. These original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licenses are single-use licenses that cannot be transferred to another desktop computer or laptop.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:53 28 May 2003

Thanks for that - I thought it was true, and have managed to install it on two PC's (one desktop, one laptop) for someone else in the past and activated without any problems.

Nice, thats saved a fair bit of cash.

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