Office XP splash screens

  Chris the Ancient 19:29 26 Jan 2004

Not the end of the world - but a niggle!

Is there an way to suppress the splash screens in Office XP (Word, Excel and Access)?

I can't get to the properties, target to add -nosplash as it is 'greyed out'. Somewhere else I did see a potential route by adding a nospalsh DWORD to the registry, but I'm not sure *exactly* where to do it.

Additionally, I'd like to get rid of the splash on OE6. I used to be able to do it with OE5, but forgotten how - and I don't know if the same would apply in OE6 anyway!



  Chris the Ancient 19:40 26 Jan 2004


click here

I found a twaek to the registry for OE5 that has worked in OE6 - but I won't knock it.

Just need the Office XP ones now.

  Chris the Ancient 19:40 26 Jan 2004

I found a tweak!

  VoG II 19:56 26 Jan 2004

click here for Word.

  VoG II 20:01 26 Jan 2004

Ooh! Look wot I found click here

  Chris the Ancient 20:27 26 Jan 2004

Not been ignoring you, I've been trying things out that you recommended.


On my machine, the /q switch for Word didn't work! The switch is for Word 2002. It looks like it won't do it in XP! I tried the alternate method M$ suggested - and it won't work either because we're into the greyed out target thingy again.

From dygates site, I followed through and found SplashKiller. Reading the blurb, it doesn't actually inhibit the splash, it hides it! Except on my machine! XP strikes again?

Also, on dygates site, they are still looking for a good Office XP splash killer. Hmmm...

Looks like I'm stuck with it! I think M$ have quite deliberately stopped the ability to kill splashes!

Unless anyone else knows differently...


  VoG II 20:38 26 Jan 2004


Word 2002 = Word from Office XP

I've just edited the Target shown in Properties of my desktop Word icon adding the \q and the splash screen has gone. Word 2003 and Windows XP Home Edition.

  Chris the Ancient 20:47 26 Jan 2004

I agree! Very strange!

When I call up the shortcut, within the Target window the legend is "Microsoft Office XP Professional with Front Page" in grey - and no ability to edit.

In desperation I tried a backslash \q like you wrote in the run method. That didn't do it either.



  VoG II 20:52 26 Jan 2004

Sorry, should've been /q.

In Excel you can append /e but that stops it from opening the default blank workbook Book1.xls.

I have it on the highest authority (this site) that you can't disable the Outlook splash screen.

  Chris the Ancient 20:57 26 Jan 2004

I seem to have got you thinking tonight!

I'm not worried about Outlook. I'm too lazy to use that (has more whistles and bells than I need!) and stick with OE instead.

p.s. You're piccie is better looking than mine!


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