Office XP - Laptops keep asking for disc

  Lee Gibbons 10:30 12 Aug 2004

Hi, does anyone know anything of a problem with Office XP and laptops (mostly Dell Latitude D600) wherebye it keeps asking for the install disc at random moments on launch of the product. I know it needs the disc for language installs etc, but it keeps doing it randomly when our users try to launch word, excel, powerpoint etc. The timescale varies from days to months.


  cga 10:34 12 Aug 2004

I assume that, when you did the install, you went through the options and dealt with anything that was marked as 'install when needed' (Change to either red cross or install on disk).

  Lee Gibbons 10:56 12 Aug 2004

Hi, the only difference in our install was that we did custom to exclude Outlook. Other than that everything was standard. We can cancel out of the install and it will sometimes let us into the package, but sometimes it doesn't want to play.

  french_always_sucked 11:24 12 Aug 2004

i think you could ether have a dodgy copy or you need to investigate into the registry!

try reinstalling it

if that doesnt work get a new copy if possible!

or swap your dell for a ibm thinkpad!

  Lee Gibbons 11:30 12 Aug 2004

Ahh thanks for the advice but we use Dell, HP and IBM. They all do it, the HP more frequently than the rest.

Have uninstalled, reinstalled etc. Could be a dodgy copy but wouldn't suggest why it only happens with the laptops.

  cga 11:37 12 Aug 2004

Not certain why it only happens with laptops but I can imagine that the install process may make different decisions on what is standard depending in the what it finds - but I am happy to be corrected on this.

What I could recommend is to go through the install again (not necessecary to reinstall - just change options from add/remove) and look for anything that has a symbol like a disk drive with a yellow flash.

In each of these cases make a positive yes/no decision on installation and see if it still happens.

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