Office XP - 'HELP' Error Message

  collinsc 16:58 25 Sep 2008


When my relative clicks 'Help' from his outlook XP he gets the Windows Internet Explorer bar up, and you can see Contents, Index, Search & Favourites - However, on the irhgt hand screen where the information should be rendered it states "IE can not display the web pages" We then get a script error - Line: 233 URL:res://ieframe.dlldnserror.htm.

He is running XP v6 - i am trying to get him an upgrade to V7. See my next post!


  Woolwell 19:07 25 Sep 2008

Office XP is trying to view the online help resources and the error message suggest that Office cannot connect to the internet. Was he online at the time?

When this message comes up there may be a serch box at the bottom. He may be then able to select offline help.

  collinsc 19:17 25 Sep 2008

yes he was online... ok ill get him to check... but i cant see it working... sounds rather odd!

  Technotiger 19:30 25 Sep 2008

As I explained on another post of yours - there is no such thing as XP 6 or XP 7 - you obviously mean Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

Windows XP is the OS (Operating System), Internet Explorer is the Internet browser, just as the name IE suggests. There is Internet Explorer (IE) Versions 6 and 7.

  Woolwell 19:49 25 Sep 2008

Just re-read your first post. I don't think that he should be getting IE6 to try to open when he clicks on Help.

  Woolwell 19:55 25 Sep 2008

To click on "Help" I assume that the menu bar problem in your other post was sorted. Did he use F1 or what to get help.

  collinsc 12:56 26 Sep 2008

technotiger - yes apologies, i forgot to update this post.
He is clicking help from MS XP Outlook... and we are getting the error msg quoted.
I am awaiting confirmation as to whether he sorted the menu bar problem.
Well - he is clicking help, but yes as F1 as the shortcut to help, it is the same thing...

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