Office Word 2007 Slow to respond

  brindly 17:35 08 Aug 2008

I am running Windows XP with service pack 2. Pentium(R)4cpu. 3.20MGz 3.19MGh 512 MB Ram. I recently loaded Microsoft Office with word 2007 and it workes fine except it takes forever to respond to instruction. When I click the desktop icon it takes about 15 seconds to appear and then takes some more time before it is operational. Each time it has to operate it is very slow to react and the hourglass pointer hovers for some time before it carries out the instruction. All my other software operates almost instantly, it is so frustrating, any ideas, nothing too complicated or involving changing any settings please.

  wee eddie 17:41 08 Aug 2008

Windows XP really needs 1GB RAM. 512MB, less however much is used by the Graphics set-up, is probably a little on the light side.

  brindly 19:58 08 Aug 2008

Thanks for that but why did word 2003 not affect in the same way and why do all the other programs operate ok, i am only using word on it's own. the problem with upgrading the memory is my computer is a sony all in one model and i have problems finding anyone who is willing or capable of opening the case. Sony will not release the instruction handbook, I had to have the dvd drive replaced and the engineer couldn't get the instructions from Sony and Sony charges are exorbitant. I am also using the same Word 2007 on my laptop which has less memory running Vista and it works fine.running pentium(R) dual CPU T2330 160Ghz 1Gb Ram

  Border View 22:26 08 Aug 2008

I am running with XPHomeSP2 and have 512MB Ram with Office 2003 and it is like lightening. Perhaps its something to do with Word 2007.

Will watch this thread to see other responses.

Good luck brindly

  brindly 06:31 09 Aug 2008

Likewise Barmoor when i was running word 2003. 2007 started off ok and all the other programs in office 2007 work fine, it's just word 2007 seems to hang with every instruction, if i have two docs up and try swithcing between them they hang for several seconds. Publisher is working fine as well which is another program i use. Have to hope someone comes up with the answer. It is a 3 lecence program so perhaps I should uninstall and re install it???

  birdface 09:22 09 Aug 2008

There is a few security updates scheduled for next Tuesday for Office.Maybe they will help.

  brindly 12:48 09 Aug 2008

I await with bated breath. The strange thing is it's only Word 2007 all the other applications work as normal, as soon as I go into word the fans start wizzing and it is so slow even loading a document. I can't be the only one, can I? Thanks everyone for your input I will make a few enquiries with the local IT people and see if they have a solution. When I get the answer I will let you know.


  Ex plorer 16:59 11 Aug 2008

click here
for the requirements of office 7.
I agree with wee eddie if you can get some ram and get it in stalled, get in touch with your supplier it might not be as bad as you think for extra ram as its come down in price.

  brindly 20:01 11 Aug 2008

Hi Ex Plorer.

I have just checked your link and I appear to come within their system requirements. Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
Component Requirement
Computer and processor 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher1
Memory 256 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher1, 2
Hard disk 1.5 gigabyte (GB); I admit I am on the lower limit with regard to the RAM. I will check out a couple of locals to see what the cost will be; it's not the cost of the memory but the labour. I won't ever buy another Sony computer. Will let you know the outcome.

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