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  Thomo1 10:37 05 Mar 2007

Hi all,

Just after a bit of advice or personal feedback if i may.

I am looking into something for a contact of ours and am after some recomendations of your personal usage of certain programs if any of you have used them.

What we would like to do is share the Contacts in Outlook between 3 machines using multiple e-mail adresses.

  Thomo1 10:37 05 Mar 2007

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  Thomo1 10:41 05 Mar 2007

Contacts get updated on all 3 personal machines, and we would like a program that will let us sycronise all 3 machines to share each others contacts so we all have the same up to date contact list.

We are on a workgroup and have no exchange server and we dont particularly have the needs to need 1.

We tried click here but it was unstable and would mess up when sending contacts to multiple machines and then create memory errors and cause Outlook to crash.

I have looked into a few options and have a few programs lined up that i have just found on google, just wondering if any of you guys have used tools like thid before/ or do now and what your experiences and recommendations are.

Kind regards

  recap 10:51 05 Mar 2007

click here it may be what you are looking for?

  Thomo1 11:11 05 Mar 2007

yes that is the kind of thing Recap, i have 2 more lined up that im going to test too: click here click here am just after personal experiences too on how well they work etc if anyone has used them.

Have u used that product u linked to recap please?


  recap 13:11 05 Mar 2007

"Have u used that product u linked to recap please?"

Unfortunately not Thomo1

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