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  osben 08:39 19 Dec 2007

I am using Office XP Pro 2002.

I have done this before but I can't remember how to do it now.

I am re-installing Office and don't want to go through the long time consuming agravation of re- setting all my settings I.E. customising the tool bars etc.

I know there is a way to save all the settings and then put them back in when I have re-installed the software.

Can anyone help please.


  birdface 08:55 19 Dec 2007

If you still have it in add remove you can press change and it should give you 3 options.It may ask for the disc to be inserted to finish the repair.Well it works that way with the standard edition.

  Taff™ 09:12 19 Dec 2007

I am pretty sure that all the toolbar settings are preserved in the templates e.g. Certainly things like Autotext entries are there so I suggest you copy all your templates from their current location.

Another way to do this might be using the File & Transfer Settings wizard in advanced mode and select only the Office files for transfer.

Why do you need to do a re-install anyway? What problems are you experiencing?

  osben 09:46 19 Dec 2007

Hi Guys

Thanks for your replies. I seem to remember there is a way to save all the setups that I have made to customise Office in one operation. But thanks for your input.

Taff™ - I am reinstalling because I have just bought a new computer and I am swaping everything over to the new one. However I am a bit concerned that I will not be able to move my copy off Office XP Pro over as I have read somewhere in these threads that Microsoft don't like it.

We shall see in a minute.


  Taff™ 09:53 19 Dec 2007

Files and Settings Transfer Wizard will do it for you then. I assume you want to move all your data across.

Doesn`t the new computer have an OS installed? You will almost certainly have problems trying to install XP Pro from disc if it`s an OEM version and not a full retail copy.

  osben 12:32 19 Dec 2007

Hi Taff™

The new computer does have an operating system installed. The Office XP Pro I am using was purchased from Microsoft and is not an OEM version. I have the disc pack with license.

I don't think that Files and settings transfer wizard was the way I did it last time. There is a specific peration within Office to do this.

many thanks though


  Taff™ 12:46 19 Dec 2007

Microsoft Office Tools - Save your settings Wizard? Note that it doesn`t save your data e.g. Outlook pst files. I would still make another copy of all your templates.

  Taff™ 20:33 23 Dec 2007

Any Luck?

  osben 12:02 24 Dec 2007

Hi Taff™


Thanks, It works.

Any ideas as to how I can copy the Address book and all the deleted Files I have in Outlook on to the new installation of Outlook on my new computer??

Have a good Christmas.


  Taff™ 08:41 25 Dec 2007

Are you talking about the Contacts folder? If so try selecting the contacts folder and then File>Import/Export and Export to a file. I`m pretty sure you can do this individually with every folder from Outlook then simply import them into your new setup.

If you need everything from your old Outlook just copy the Outlook.PST and Archive.PST files to the new computer and overwrite the new ones. (You will lose more recent additions to the data though so you might consider exporting these to a file first and re-importing them if you see what I mean)

  osben 11:02 25 Dec 2007

Hi Taff™

Thanks that's done the trick.

Didn't expect anyone to be around on Christmas day.


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