Office problems - lost install files

  Kyndylan 16:13 13 Oct 2009

Hello! Hope someone can help...

Two years ago, I bought Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 under the "Ultimate Steal" offer to students. Since then, however, my hard drive broke, so I lost the applications and, more importantly, the install files.

I DO, however, still have the product key. And one of my friends who bought it at roughly the same time still has the install files.

My question is, if he gives me the install files, will I be able to use them with my product key to install Office onto my new hard drive? I don't want to have to fork out for a new copy of Office on top of my new drive!

Thank in's hoping your answers are positive :)

  Clapton is God 16:40 13 Oct 2009

When you say you lost "the install files" do you mean the CDs?

  DieSse 16:53 13 Oct 2009

The product keys are not tied to CDs - all the CDs (of a particular version) are the same. So yes you could use your keys with someone else's CD(s),

  Kyndylan 17:09 13 Oct 2009

I don't mean the CDs, no...

It was purchased as a download from click here

So by "the install files" I mean the files that were downloaded upon purchase...

What do you think?

  DieSse 18:47 13 Oct 2009

I would still think it's possible - why not just try it - them you'll find out for sure.

  Kyndylan 22:55 13 Oct 2009

I suppose that's the way's just that I don't want to eat into my download cap too much by downloading files that aren't going to do me any good!

But I'll give it a go...

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