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  DanTMG 00:56 30 Aug 2010

Dear All,

Please can someone offer me some asistance.

I own a company and currently have 5 computers running at once. (1 x PC, 4 x Laptop). However we are having extreme difficulty with sharing files. Currently we save on an external hard drive and end of the night connect this to every individual computer to back up.

We need to set up some sort of office network where we can all have access to these files at the same time and all saved in one place. All stored in 1 main hub or hard drive etc.

We have a small budget, in the future may look at more complex system however for now something basic and easy to understand and in-expensive to set up would be suitable.

I am no computer tech, however if things are explained clearly and in simpler terms this will benefit me.

many thanks in advance.

PS. Apologies if this was read earlier, I have had to re-post the thread. For this I am sorry,



  mgmcc 08:42 30 Aug 2010

You can have all of your files in the PC and, provided the PC is running and the Laptops are networked with it, accessible from any of the Laptops. That should be straightforward to set up.

What you can't do is to have the *SAME* file from the PC open in more than one Laptop at a time. You would also need to have a backup strategy, such as backing up the entire PC hard drive *daily* to an external drive, using something like Acronis True Image.

  Ford Prefect 01 10:43 30 Aug 2010

I have one of these attched to our wireless router. We run 2 laptops wirelessly and can access this drive by attching it to an ethernet port on the router. It can also be accessed remotely over the web.

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  mgmcc 12:16 30 Aug 2010

I did consider suggesting a "Network Attached Storage" drive but, as this is in a business situation, it would be essential to have a regular backup of the NAS drive too.

  DanTMG 07:30 31 Aug 2010

Hi guys,

Thanks for the advice, but I am still quite lost. Do I need any programmes or components? If so, please state what.

I have a PC in one office and the remaining units all in another. Do these all need to wired up to the hub machine? and if so, what do I use.

As I said, I am not too sure, but any step by step advice would be a great help.

Thankyou in advance guys.


  mgmcc 09:07 31 Aug 2010

You don't need any additional software, all versions of Windows support File & Printer Sharing over a Local Area Network.

In order to be networked, the computers do need to be connected. The most common way of doing this is to connect them all to the broadband router that is providing their internet access. This can be either "wirelessly" or by ethernet cable.

If they are not connected to a router and the internet, you would need to install a "Network Switch" to which they would all connect. In this case, you would also need to configure the IP addressing manually, but this can be dealt with quite simply if necessary.

  jtay78 10:01 01 Sep 2010

get an External Network Attached Storage drive.
what you can do with this is connect it to you Router/Hub then you can share all the files and also back it up. job done cheep as chips.

  DanTMG 17:52 04 Sep 2010

Thankyou huys for all the advice. I will try this and hopefully all works.

Thanks alot again.

  ajm 22:25 07 Sep 2010

As advised, get a NAS drive connected to the router/hub and also get a good backup software. I have set similar things for home/business clients and the the software I use is click here

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