Office Live Beta - any good?

  Dirk Diggler 20:33 17 May 2007

Microsoft seem to doing a free webhosting & domain name service as a beta verision - Thing is they state that it is free during AND AFTER beta status!!

click here

Seems too good to be true - Has anyone signed up to this yet and what do people think so far? I think it looks just what i could be looking for as I just want a small site to showcasw my amateur photography - but I cant help thinking of the phrase "theres no such thing as a free lunch"

All thoughts and opinions most welcome

  mco 22:09 17 May 2007

I think someone on this forum did, if I remember correctly. I think if you do just want a small site to showcase your amateur photography as you say, it might well do the job for you. As I understand it only the first few thousand dot co dot uks are free so you would have to get in there before May 23. With the free version though you have to use their webdesign program; you couldn't use programs such as FP or DW and so I imagine that would put a lot of people off, who were maybe looking to something grander - but then, the payable options would be there for them

  woowoowoo 22:38 17 May 2007

I made this site with office live basic - seems Ok
click here

  Dirk Diggler 22:44 17 May 2007

WOW That looks a whole lot better than what I have manage to achieve using there sitebuilder. Did you use their sitebuilder to do that? I guess I just need to get used to what I can and cant do with it

Only just registered earlier so mine hasnt gone live yet

  woowoowoo 23:24 17 May 2007

Go to the forums click here - there are all sorts of tips to get rid of the standard headers, navigation bars, footers - then you can design it how you like.
It is the first website I put together, so just use your imagination, no special knowledge needed. It took me ages tho' so watch out it can be addictive!

  Dirk Diggler 23:29 17 May 2007

Certainly looks to be some useful tips in there - mind you I think they are having some probems right now as I cant log into Office Live - keep getting the error message

We're sorry, the Microsoft Office Live Web service has encountered an unexpected problem in processing your request.
Please try one of the following:

Please check the Address bar to ensure that you have entered the correct URL.
Use your browser's Back button to try another link.
Go to your Microsoft Office Live Home and work on another task if the service you are requesting is temporarily interrupted.
If you continue to encounter this problem or would like assistance with this action, please contact us.

  woowoowoo 23:46 17 May 2007

mmm - I think it does that when you have just started - I read somewhere that it takes a day to settle down and for the site to become live.

  Dirk Diggler 23:48 17 May 2007

I had heard that also - but cant even get to the part where I can continue to work on desiging the site grr

Always tomorrow :-)

Cheers for your help

  woowoowoo 19:09 18 May 2007

Did you get in yet? I know when I first tried - I put the website into the sign in - you need to out in the email addy that you set up.

  Dirk Diggler 19:24 18 May 2007

FAO woowooowoo

Yes thanks mate - all up and running and I am nearly finished building it already - I see what you mean about it becoming addictive lol

wclick here if you fancy a peek

Thanks for your help

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