Office Home & Busines 2010 - 32 and 64 bit Query

  hippo_oxford 19:34 21 Feb 2011

I'm able to get a student deal Microsoft Office.

My desktop is 64bit; 6gb Ram, windows 7.
but My Laptop is 32bit,3GB RAM with Vista.

The deal allows me to install Office on my desktop and on my lapytop.

I need to specify when I buy, do I want 64 bit of 32bit.

If I buy the 64bit, will that work on the 32bit laptop?

Will I notice any real performance difference betweenthe 64 and 32bit?? Will documents prepared on the 32bit laptop work fine on the 64bit Desktop?

Apologies if thsi is the most numpty question, and thansk for any help.

  GaT7 19:46 21 Feb 2011

"If I buy the 64bit, will that work on the 32bit laptop?"

NO, so go for the 32-bit Office version which will work with both OSes - some related reading click here.


"Will I notice any real performance difference between the 64 and 32bit?"

No, unlikely for light use & small files.


"Will documents prepared on the 32bit laptop work fine on the 64bit Desktop?"

Yes, should do.


"Apologies if thsi is the most numpty question,"

NO numpty questions there as far as I'm concerned :-), G

  bremner 19:48 21 Feb 2011

I stand to be corrected but there is only one version of Office 2010 and that contains both 32 and 64 versions.

By deafult 32 bit is installed as that is all the huge majority of usrs need.

If you need 64 bit, ie you have an Excel spreadsheet or database that has to be larger than 2GB then you can, having installed the 32 bit version upgrade it to 64 bit from your installation disk.

  hippo_oxford 19:56 21 Feb 2011

thanks for replies.

Bremner - the 'software for student site asks you to specify with the download purchase whether yo uneed a 64 or 32bit version.

Performance - presume this whole question ( 64 v 32 ) only relates to the programmes on the Office - as I'll also be using 3dsmax and Auto cad which will be huge files.

ps - it's going to cost £40 ish, so I suspect I perhaps should have included that info. in the mix to allow for the advice: ' that price buy 1 of each'???


  bremner 20:04 21 Feb 2011

I bought a copy from Software4Student and was not given this option at the check out.

Have you actually got that far as yet?

Microsofts own download and purchase site makes no mention of a straight 64 bit version being available

  GaT7 20:26 21 Feb 2011

If you're going for the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus download click here, then it would seem like you can choose both. No?

Media is only available in 32-bit
Download is available in 32-bit or 64-bit"

Or does 'or' really mean one or the other? Too many ors in that sentence! G

  hippo_oxford 21:32 21 Feb 2011

Hi Crossbow 7, yes that's site I am planning to get it from.

Hence the dilema.

But from your advice above - am I right in saying I'm not going to need or notice any improvement using a 64bit, so shoudl go for the 32bit?
thanks: )

  bremner 22:26 21 Feb 2011

You have still not answered ny question.

Have you actually got as far as check out to see that 64 bit is an option because it was not for me.

If even Microsoft are not selling seperate 32 and 64 bit versions it seems possible that the front page of Software4Students is a mistake so your quandry is in fact immaterial.

...and as I have said even MS say you do not need to upgrade 32 to 64 bit unless you are creating enormous databases or Spreadsheets, it is simply not a question of "improvement"

  GaT7 11:46 22 Feb 2011

I agree with bremner. Get the 32-bit version only, so you can use it safely on both PCs & save yourself £40.

Btw, which graphics card did you go for? Please answer this in your other thread click here. G

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