Office and ebay

  willo500 11:32 22 Dec 2004

Please can you tell me if the very cheap offers on ebay for microsoft office are genuine? I can see ones for sale from under £10 and many XP suites for around the £50 mark.


  Dorsai 11:38 22 Dec 2004

They are probably 'OEM' versions, that shipped with a new PC/laptop. As such, they should not really be 'sold on' as tecnically they are only for use on the PC they came with. Some OEM software won't actually work on a different PC.

Why are they for sale?

Someone bought a new PC, and already had a retail copy of the program that they had bought for their old PC, so are selling off the unwanted software that came with the new PC, as a guess.

  ventanas 12:10 22 Dec 2004

From what I have seen in the past virtually every one of these is illegal, for many reasons, including that given by Dorsai. Microsoft are supposed to be on to these, in alliance with ebay, but there doesn't yet seem to be much evidence of it. But when they do, woe betide anyone who is caught selling or buying one of these.

  xania 12:42 22 Dec 2004

I don't know that I necessarily agree with all this. True there are some jokers out there, but there are the honest dealers as well. Older versions of Windows - the genuine article with the hologram on the CD - can be purchased quite cheaply both at Computer shows and off Ebay. With Ebay, you have the opportunity to check the credibility of the vendor before purchase and, if you are in any doubt, ask first. Cetainly, Ebay should be expected to respond to any reports of illegal software, but see my next paragraph.

So far as licensing is concerned, the area is still quite hazy with OEM's. So far as I have seen, they certainly will work on other PC's and, although MS might not like it, if vendors are prepared to sell their hologrammed software at cheaper prices, so what. Interested to hear from FE on this one.

  ventanas 12:53 22 Dec 2004

I don't think there is any doubt at all, with respect.

OEM Windows and Office can only be used on the computer, or qualifying item of non-peripheral hardware with which they where supplied.

OEM licences are not transferable.

Microsoft only permit OEM versions of Windows and Office to be sold by their certified system builders.

Therefore, if its OEM and its on ebay..........

  ThePharcyde007 13:13 22 Dec 2004

Ebay a useless, and in my opinion encourage fraud, money laundering etc. It is not there primary interest to pursue anything like this, as there is no financial gain on there part. They only act if they are told of such activities, but then they are obligated. There is so much counterfeit goods on ebay it is unreal. I think software companys should be suing Ebay for lapse controls.

  ThePharcyde007 13:17 22 Dec 2004

I did buy OEM of windows media edition 2005 off

  willo500 14:53 22 Dec 2004

Thanks for the tips people. I will steer clear.

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