OCRIDION 10:28 27 Jun 2008

I have 2 versions of Office installed; Office 2003 Home & Student, and Office 2007 Professional.

Problem is that when someone on the computer uses One version like 2003, 2003 must install / configure settings before it starts. Then it is ok for firther use, but then next time somebody else wants to use 2007, 2007 wants to configure it settings before it can start which can take a while, but then since that 2003 will want to configure again at next start up and vice versa and it goes around in a circle. So everytime a version of Office configures it self, the opposing version will want to configure it self at next start. Vice Versa in a circle. Its very annoying because it means that we ave to wait to use a version of office just because the someone else has just used the other version.

  Ditch999 11:57 27 Jun 2008

Uninstall Office 2003.
You can still save files as 2003 ones by selecting Save As - 97-2003 document.

  OCRIDION 12:05 27 Jun 2008

I know, but the reason I have 2003 is usability for other users, they prefer 2003, and i prefer 2007. Everyone that uses the computer has seperate usernames, but hat does not solve change anything of the problem. :-(

I should be able to have 2 versions of office if i want to, which is why it says on install whether i want to keep previous versions.

It meant to be built to be able to do it, why is it not.

  Jake_027 12:17 27 Jun 2008

I have exactly the same issue-just with 2003 Pro and 2007 Home and Student (on XP Pro SP2). All the other applications if you run them once each under an admin account should be OK and just run normally after that, but I have the same problem with word 2003/2007 and have yet to find a fix. Will be interesting to see if there is one. Sorry I can't be of more help.

  OCRIDION 12:20 27 Jun 2008

yeah, i understand that. other programs do.

I am guessesing that the 2 versions are fighting to own the association to doc and xls files etc.

  OCRIDION 17:28 27 Jun 2008


thanks good information, but thats what i did at first installation. Do i have to completely install all over again, both products.

I don't think the Terminal Services is relevent though, as Terminal Services is a Windows Service that automatically starts by default. It enables computers on a network to communicate together and exchnage commands using the RPC (Remote Proceedure Call) Protocal, so programs can run C code in another address space of a terminal on the network where it is executed as if executed at that machine locally. Used for remote commands and remote code executions, used in things like WIndows Media Extender Services and Remote Desktop.
So, if someone could explain to me, with this definition, what has this service got to do with my problem?

  OCRIDION 18:22 27 Jun 2008

yeah, i read it, and im intreaged. Why would a Service that offers a protocal to give commands to other computers effect two versions of a program being installed on a local machine.

  OCRIDION 18:44 27 Jun 2008

Nice, thats a good thought, i never thought of that. I don't need it then as this the only computer on this network.
So, i may disable it. Shouldnt Microsft have considered this conflict though in Terminal Service.

  OCRIDION 18:46 27 Jun 2008

Go and have your tea. lol
I will investigate with my Machine.

  OCRIDION 18:53 27 Jun 2008

Back tommorrow, i will try reinstalling with Terminal Services OFF, and install in the correct order. All in administrator. I will tell the news tommorrow.

  OCRIDION 18:02 28 Jun 2008

i reinstalled int he correct order with terminal services off. I still have the conflict problem of repeatedly configuring it self at start up.

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