Office 97 Prof on Windows 7???

  Scrivers 15:45 09 Mar 2012

Anyone know whether Office 97 Pro will work on Windows 7

  northumbria61 15:55 09 Mar 2012

I think you will find Microsoft Office 97 is too old for Windows 7, and there will be incompatibilities. I would upgrade to a newer version of MS Office--2003, 2007, or 2010.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:59 09 Mar 2012

It should install OK using compatibility mode

  northumbria61 16:01 09 Mar 2012

Having said that take a look at the comments in this LINK enter link description here in particular It is totally unsupported on Win 7 and as each system is different your install may work perfectly or crash repeatedly.

  Woolwell 16:12 09 Mar 2012

You will have difficulties with Outlook 97 and it is unlikely to work well if at all.

  Scrivers 17:28 09 Mar 2012

I've installed MS Word and so far it seems to be working ok

  robin_x 19:14 09 Mar 2012

I have Office 2000 working (except for Outlook).

It took a bit of Googling for problems.

Opening docs and worksheets sheets by double clicking caused an error for me.

Some 'solutions', reported by many, directly contradict each other.

eg use compatibility mode, run as admin or set Excel options to 'Ignore other Applications'

Outlook needed a couple of dlls for the address book, but I could not get it to see more than one of my email accounts at a time. So I switched to Mozilla Thunderbird.

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